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Busy day, so thanks for stopping by. Roamy said she’ll have something later, but I don’t know if that means today, or some point in the future.  In the meantime:

A little strategic homeporting. It’s as political as it is strategic, but good enough. 


Just how bad are the impending budget cuts to the military? Pretty damn bad.

I’d actually be fairly OK with them if the cuts to other, non-defense spending programs, matched, and the government learned that you could make an actual, real dollar, cut in spending. But that’s not what is going to happen. Once again, the DoD budget will be cut, other budgets will have nominal cuts proposed, and then restored.


Why isn’t the USS Wasp deploying? Any of you Navy types heard anything?


Challenge coins. My highest one was from a two-star. I’d recruited a guy for the Army that eventually became something of an IT/social media wizard for him. He mailed it to me.


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  1. RE: Military Cuts, It all sounds great, in some circles. This whole idea of the Western Pacific sounds more like a justification than a real strategy. My Dad had a two word question that would drive his kids bonkers, “What if?” In the back of my head, I can hear him ask, “What if the Middle East becomes a total Phuster Cluck? What are your choices? Be careful, we don’t want another 9/11.”

  2. Those of us who have watched what FedGov has done over the last 30 years predicted what we are facing now. Cuts will come. Voluntarily, or by economic main force, but they are coming. Both parties in Congress are responsible for the economic and fiscal mess in the district of corruption, and I hope both parties get hung for it. I really hope our enemies are just as stupid and won’t take advantage, but nature abhors any kind of vacuum, and political and power vacuums are abhorred most of all.

  3. QM, I really hope you are right. The real issue about the economy or money can be very deceptive. There are nations that we mobilized our forces to protect. The leaders of those nations make more money in an hour, then some of our wealthy do in a year. When I talk about an hour, that is 24/7/365. We borrow money from them to protect them, then they expect repayment. [Out of respect to you, Brad and the rest of the readers of this fine blog, the rest of my comment is REDACTED]

  4. Okay….I looked through the alarmist presentation presented by a business forum which is going to make less money and say ‘Where’s the beef?”

    I could complain about light attack aircraft and MAYBE a little of the C-130 points…except the C-130s are retiring older aircraft that are unable to be upgraded to C-130J standards.

    MEADS is a POS which has lost its requirements and has had massive cost overruns, failed testing, gross mismanagment. It was supposed to start fielding in 2007….now the earliest possible date would be 2018. And Patriot works just fine….that is what the Army has said for quite some time.

    All areas of the government have to face facts….I very well could be in that 5% of the DOD staff that will lose my job but I understand that. Yes there needs to be reform in a lot of areas. But reform comes with a willingness to compromise….and compromise is not having the otehr party agree to your proposal. It is all parties meeting on common ground.

    Yes, the military did well under Ronald Reagan….but it also got its funding by a Congress lead by Top O’Neill. And both worked to ensure that bills got paid. All seem to have forgotten that.

    1. I was a bit pressed for time yesterday, and couldn’t really do more than toss up the link.

      Re: C-130, yes, the truth is, they aren’t killing the C-130 program, but retiring old “E” models, which, I think they’ve earned it.

      I’m not terribly distraught over the death of MEADS.

      But some of the cuts will be very painful. How well DoD and the services will handle them, who knows?

    2. “compromise is not having the other party agree to your proposal. It is all parties meeting on common ground.” Concur. I think that there is far too little understanding of that currently. I would posit significant blame for that on the community-organizer-in-chief, but I know there is plenty of grand-standing going on all around these days.

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