Disappearing Coastal Gun Mount

Well, for once, I’m posting a coast defense pic that isn’t Fort Casey. And that’s too small to be a 10″ mount. 6″ maybe?

Anybody know where this mount is?

At any event, you can see that when the gun is in the lower position, it’s ready to be loaded, and is simultaneously protected from direct fire of enemy warships by the parapet in front of it. After loading, counterweights lever the gun up to the battery (firing) position, where recoil will send it back down to the loading position.

7 thoughts on “Disappearing Coastal Gun Mount”

  1. That is a 6-in rifled cannon M1905. Counter-weighted disappearing carriage.

  2. If Ron Paul had his way, I think our national defense would consist of a few refurbished Coastal Artillery batteries just like that one.

    1. If B Hussein Obama has his way, our national defense will consist of a bunch of “re-set” buttons for our enemies….

  3. I’ve never been there or have ever seen a picture of that battery until yesterday. I just enjoy a good puzzle. I spent many summers near Fort Stevens and the Columbia River Forts, so Coast artillery has always interested me.

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