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What will the Pentagon do with about 6,000 excess MRAPs (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles) after the major Army and Marine Corps combat elements leave Afghanistan at the end of 2014? The MRAPs are worth more than $4 billion.

Perhaps just as important is where will the Army and Marines get the funds to operate, maintain and replace the roughly 20,000 they have tentatively decided to keep as standard equipment?

via What happens to all that military gear? – News – Stripes.

Put ’em up on blocks. MRAPs aren’t perfect, but they’re better than nothing and they’re available.

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    1. LOL.

      The old joke was if you put a grunt in a locked room with two anvils and came back an hour later, one anvil would be missing and the other one broken.
      MRAP Disposal Solutions TM!

  1. I’ll take one. I need a new commuter vehicle. I should be able to find the NR-1 reactor at work somewhere, so fuel economy isn’t an issue. The HOA might be a bit of a problem though.

  2. Sadly the good idea fairy has struck the DHS and the DRMO. Many LAV’s and armored cars used by the Army and Air Force have been offered to police departments around the country. A few have taken up the DoD’s offer. Some have just bought expensive armored cars with grants. I can see DHS scooping some up and offering them to police departments. Waste of money and a bad idea but it just might happen.

    The National Guard may get’em. I remember CUCV’s, some jeeps, lots of M-60 tanks and even some early model HMMWV’s in National Guard units around the country. One of my basic training battle buddies was a nasty girl and his unit had some of the first M998’s the Army got. Or at least they looked the part. At least the Guard will get some new whips.

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