Riddle me this. If the role of government should be expanded, as the left so often claims, because good government improves our lives, why can’t that same government be trusted to treat its workers fairly without union representation?

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  1. I have yet to see what “good government” looks like. For Federal employees that like to contend that there is no waste in government, just ask them a few questions.

    Do they know of one Federal employee who does nothing or next to nothing all day? They will admit to it if pressed. Then ask, why can’t that person be fired? That leaves out the people who are doing useless things or who appear to be busy (looking busy is more important than actually accomplishing something), but is at least a start at coming to an agreement that there is waste in government.

    Have they ever witnessed spending sprees at the end of fiscal year? They will admit to having seen things purchased that were either unnecessary or simply not well-researched because the end of the fiscal year was coming and they needed to spend the money or lose it. If you don’t spend your entire budget every year, they allocate you less money the next year. So, they waste money to ensure that they have the same amount of money, which they’ve just demonstrated was more than they needed in the first place.

    Of course, following CDR Salamander, we all know that the diversity industry will never go away, since once established, those positions must be maintained to ensure continued diversity and, more important, a continued career path for those who serve as diversity czars.

    1. You don’t even have to press me. I’ve seen all of the above and worse. There’s nothing quite so frustrating as trying to get $6K for necessary parts to keep in operation, yet someone else has the money for a massive printing of full-color glossy magazines that trumpet what a great job the systems engineers are doing. Not to mention off-site management meetings.

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