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As we leave Bergen and head toward open water we pass a lot of vessels of different shapes and sizes, this one caught my eye, she is a Norwegian vintage steamship SS Stord I and was built as Stord in 1913 and has a bit of a history.

The vessel sailed in regular traffic from 1913 to 1969. Stord I is a typical representative of the local passenger steamers built for operating between Stavanger-Sunnhordland-Hardanger and Bergen.

In 1931, Stord I was rebuilt and modernised.

In 1949 she was again rebuilt as a motorship with the installation of two, 12-cylinder Paxman-Ricardo diesels.

In 1969 she was sold to Oslo Krets av det Blå Kors and renamed MV O T. Moe. She was berthed in Oslo as floating welfare centre for alcoholics.

In 1980 she was sold to Norsk Veteranskibsklub and transferred to Veteranskipslaget Fjordabåten, Bergen with a view to preservation. She was restored to 1931-condition, including the installation of engines from a 1942 steam-driven British vessel. Technical trials were run. Gutted by fire en route from Sunnhordland to Bergen on 20 May 1987.

The ship was again restored by Veteranskipslaget Fjordabåten.

Anyone notice the 3 people outside the house on the left waving at me.

via SS Stord I « rigmover.

Hey, Mushdogs, is that a good lookin’ ship or what?

5 thoughts on “SS Stord I « rigmover”

  1. The only ship I can think of on June 8th is GTR-5, USS Liberty.
    And a mighty fine one it was.
    06/08/1967. Never Ever Forget.

  2. Very nice!
    I ran across a still working, well maintained T Boat up in Homer, AK a few weeks back. Sounded like it may still have the original Buda engine in it.

    1. Depending on where they were built, T-Boats had several different main engines (and gensets and fire mains,for that matter). IIRC, lots of them had a Cat or FB Morse. I’ll have to check. But the Buda seems to have been the most common.

      Last time I came across a T-Boat in the wild was a NOAA boat at Bay City, WI, but she was just being replaced by a newer, larger RV, and I read that she’d been sold.

    2. I could possibly mistake the sound of a F-M for a Buda, but never a Cat. LOL.
      I see the Propeller out on the waters regularly. They occasionally tie up at our docks in Ballard. Boat never has looked right without the mast and boom.

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