Vegetative State

It’s such a fantastic day here in Irvine, I’m going to take another day off from blogging.  Subscribers can apply for a partial refund.

Here’s a pic of Venus. Click to embiggenfy:

No, please don’t respond with pics of Uranus.

And here’s your daily dose of ‘splodey.  Since we haven’t had any for a while, we’ll make up for it with volume.


8 thoughts on “Vegetative State”

  1. Irvine! How about some pics of the blimp hangars. I was stationed at MCAS Tustin from 92-95. I don’t suppose there is much left of the rest of base.

    1. Pretty much just the hangars. Most of the rest of what was the base is now a shopping center called “The District”.

      I’m heading right by the hangars Saturday, so if I remember, I’ll try to get a pic of the hangars. They keep saying they want to tear one down, but both are standing for now.

      And somewhere in the archives here, there’s pics from the Tillamook Air museum, housed in an identical blimp hangar.

  2. “Please don’t respond with pictures of Uranus.”

    Brad, gotta hand it to you, you know your audience.

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