Secretary Gates’s STFU Policy – ABC News

Secretary Gates’s STFU Policy

Jake Tapper

Yesterday, 3:09 PM

“‘I have a new strategic communications approach to recommend,’ Gates said in his trademark droll tones, according to an account later provided by his colleagues.

“What was that, Donilon asked?

“‘Shut the f@*k up,’ the defense secretary said.”

-Jake Tapper

via Secretary Gates’s STFU Policy – ABC News.

Gates is a Republican (a holdover from the Bush administration), so this pushback on Obama’s constant leaking for political purposes isn’t too surprising, but even Senate Dems are starting to get annoyed.  One of my own Senators, Diane Fienstein is pushing back.

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  1. LC, don’t get to far ahead of things. This is Feinstein we’re talking about. She may not be an amoeba, but the best she could be is a rotifer.

    1. I like rotifers! Rotifer is even fun to say! Rotifer, rotifer, rotifer! HUZZAH for the one celled beasties!

  2. I may live in CA, but Feinstein and Boxer sure as hell aren’t my Senators. Neither one represents me.

  3. Still, a craven functionnaire like Fienstien speaking up is a useful indicator. Generally those folks roll right over for Teh Won.

    I suspect they’re on the edge of considering the possibility that Barry’s performance may be damaging to the long-term interests of the Democratic Party. It would seem Slick Wilie has already come to that conclusion while “helping” the campaign.

    1. But it is worth remembering that in 2008 it appeared that so much damage had been done to the Republican party that there would be no further Republican presidents for at least 4-6 terms.

      No matter how much a president may fuck it all up for their party, it only takes 4 years of the other opposition to make wonder what color the grass on the other side is.

    2. If Obama hadn’t been such a cock-up he would be a shoe-in. The GOP was pretty damn stupid from 2002-2008, Obama managed to cram an even greater amount of idiocy into just 2 years.

  4. My deepest condolences and sympathies to anyone currently trapped in “Commiefornia” . . . beautiful countryside . . . insane transnational idiot artistes ruining it for real Americans.

    Keep your eyes open, fellow readers, I will be performing the role of Snake Plissken in the upcoming remake of John Carpenter’s Escape from New York . . .

    Guest star michael bloomberg as The Duke.

    1. My Mom lives down there, in fact she works for the state. I spend quite a bit of my free time working out exfiltration strategies.

      We must be adamant, when California comes to FEDGOV for a bailout they should get it, and lose statehood.

    2. If you need assistance in planning and prosecuting a hostage rescue op, Mr.Gauch . . .

      Like Paladin . . . have rifle, armor and NODs, will travel.

      ROE better be weapons free in the event of contact with commiefornians though . . .

    3. Oh, Roundhammer, you’d be pretty surprised at how heavily armed Californians really are. I’ve got an AR myself, among other fun toys. Sure, it’s currently neutered … but it’ll take me about 30 seconds and a very small wrench to un-neuter it.

      I’m running low on M193, though …

    4. Sir, I worry not about the real Americans still living in commiefornia . . . they are, in fact, the ONLY chance that Once Great State™ has at returning to the United States.

      It is all the “Transnational Sit-Tee-Zens of Teh Whirled™” types that are ruining everything and need to be run out. And we have gone past the point of using the word “Please”.

      I am no longer required to use FMJ Ball, either . . . so it is not in their interests to resist.

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