Lord, I was born a travelin’ man…

On the road again, as Willy is fond of sayin’. So unless one of the cobs has something to say (URR? DAVE? You guys OK?), it’s gonna be slim pickens here today.

Wisconsin? Heh.

DDG-1000. Tell me in 1000 words or less why closing the shore in the age of standoff weapons is stupid.

June 6, 1944. D-Day. 68 years ago. A strategic battle that came down to individual and fire team fights.  God Bless them all, and watch over them. I like to think of myself as Billy Badass. They don’t have to think…. And it was proof that the division making machine could produce formations that on their first fight could do the toughest jobs imaginable. “Awe” hardly describes it my admiration for those men.

Please pray for AW1 Tim’s son. He’s on the binnacle list and could use all the direct lines to God you can muster.

And stay out of the liquor cabinet!

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  1. LIGOPOP – Little Groups Of Pissed-Off Paratroopers

    Also refered to as LGOPs/LGPs – Little Goups Of Paratroopers
    Similar to LGPOI – Little Groups of Pissed-Off Infantry

    A battlefield phenomenon that can happen with even the most exhaustively thorough invasion plans.

    It inevitably involves the demise of this plan, due to any number of factors, resulting in a most terrifying creation in the battlespace. In the most basic form, the LIGOPOP is a small group American Parachute Infantry, numbering from one to, in rare cases, as many as twenty. Their Sticks scattered from the jump, they are lost, cold, tired, likely hungry, but well-trained, determined and armed to the teeth.

    However, they are seriously lacking in adult supervision. Collectively, they remember the Commander’s intent with words to the effect of: “Once you hit the ground, move with all due haste towards the sound of battle. Without hesitation, kill anyone and everyone who is an armed combatant not dressed like you.”

    Happily, they go about their day’s work . . .

    1. Shall I tell you a secret, Mr.Brad . . .?

      We HAVE helped old ladies cross the street . . . right after shooting the bastards who would just assume blow her up.

  2. I’m not even a squid and I can do this:
    DDG-1000. Tell me in 1000 words or less why closing the shore in the age of standoff weapons is stupid.

    Because closing the shore in the age of standoff weapons is stupid.

  3. It was stupid in the early 1800s when Pres Jefferson wanted a navy consisting of nothing but gunboats to guard the harbors, and it is still stupid. Funny he suddenly didn’t mind having frigates when he needed to send them to the Barbary coast to protect vital national interests. I guess there is a precedent for having a capable, well-trained blue-water fleet that can carry the American flag anywhere in the world….

  4. I will wrack my concussion-addled brain to come up wiff sumpin.

    Have one written in my head mostly already. Stand by!

  5. “And stay out of the liquor cabinet!”

    Is that like “Don’t break the plane’ for electrical inspections? Because if that’s the case I’ve got a couple of pry bars that we can use to reach a mutually acceptable compromise. That bottle of gin is looking at me like it wants to leap into my arms. I’m not the kind of man who would say no to such displays of affection.

  6. Where in the Mighty Land of the Badgers are you?

    I got something in my change at McDonald’s Sunday, a 1937 Canadian penny! A penny that once was in the pocket of a sailor standing watch on a FLOWER, or in the purse of a WAF driving a load of bombs out to a Catalina at a RCAF base in the Maritimes. It was in the pocket of someone just back from the line in Korea, or in the pocket of one of the 10,000 Canadians that volunteered to serve in the US Army in Vietnam.
    It was given as change to people buying gas for thier Ford Model “A”s, ’57 Chevys, and 1949 Mercury pickups.

    People who listened to Fibber McGee and Molly, and the Great Gildersleeve on thier radios, People who voted for William Lyon Mackenzie King, by voting for the Liberal Party. It bought ice cream cones for little Canadians, and as an example of Canadian currency, helped pay for the crane arms on the shuttles. It was in the pockets of of people who listened to the Eagle land at Tranquility base on the CBC. Yesterday, it was in the pocket of a Badger who voted to keep Scott Walker in office. A lot of history for one wee small disc of copper!

    1. Scott, does it take you seven years to tell your kids how you met their mother?

    2. Congratulations on that recall election, BTW. I’m glad to see that badgers haven’t all – or even as a majority – lost their common sense!

    3. I listened to Fibber McGee and Molly in Germany. We had a lot of the old radio shows on AFN. My brothers and I particularly looked forward to X -1 and the Fiddler. We only heard “The Shadow” once, for some reason or other.

    4. Thanks for keeping Scotty! Oh, and well done on writing the history the penny has seen. May it see much more.

  7. Interesting to talk about closing the shore being stupid on the anniversary of D-Day. After closing the shore to provide fire support, usually without benefit of information from a shore party, the destroyers of the invasion fleet made quite the difference. To borrow from Thomas B. Allen’s article in Naval History back on the 60th anniversary:

    Shortly before noon, Colonel B. B. Talley on Omaha Beach sent a message to Major General Leonard T. Gerow, commander of V Corps on Omaha: “Troops moving up slope of Fox, Green, and Red Beaches. I join you in thanking God for our Navy.”

    From what I understand, there’s nothing quite like five-inch guns on call to make a company commander happy.

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