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It’s begun. A couple of years ago we began hearing quiet discussions on how, as part of the Air-Sea Battle concept, the United States might look to disburse its air forces (lowercase af, not USAF) stationed at its handful of major bases in the western Pacific in the event of a major conflict with China. Doing so would make it more difficult for China to wipe out entire squadrons sitting on the ground with surprise attacks from its long range ballistic missiles (think the DF-21D carrier killers but designed to hit ground targets instead of ships).

A key component of this plan is the refurbishment of long-abandoned World War II airfields scattered across the Pacific. These fields would serve as pretty bare bones facilities that American aircraft could disburse to if a conflict seemed imminent (similar to the way Strategic Air Command’s Cold War disbursal base concept worked).

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First, it’s “dispersal” vice disbursal. Unless they were paying a heck of a lot to the local population.

Second, pretty classy naming by the Marines. One pretty much has to assume the exercise name is a nod to Roy S. Geiger.

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  1. Must be only using a partial length of those runways if they need an arresting wire. As designed each of the runways was 8k feet

  2. I don’t see the old fields that are near China as providing much benefit. TacAir doesn’t have the range needed to launch from, say, Kwajalein to strike China. I imagine the Chinks have targeted missiles on each of the current, as well as the unused WW2 strips in the Marianas, Iwo, Marshals, Gilberts, and others. If I were in their shoes, the warhead would be a nuke as well.

    Anyone that starts a war of the magnitude of WW2, with malice aforethought, is suicidal. Even conventional weapons are orders of magnitude more lethal than WW2, and if you are up against a power such as the US, with the type of weapons we have, it would call into question the very existence of your own country at the end. Even in 1945, we nearly had the capacity to end the national existence of both Germany and Japan.

    China would be foolish to truly arouse the US, and I think they know that. I have no trouble with thinking about using the old fields, but I doubt it will bring any real benefit.

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