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If you like your base swimming pool, auto shop or movie theater, speak now before they go the way of officers and enlisted clubs. Now on the chopping block across all Air Force bases are some of the amenities you and your family have come to expect: bowling alleys, youth centers and hobby shops, to name a few.

Air Force officials want to slash amenities that aren’t making enough money to support themselves, and they’re asking airmen what they think should go.

via AF looking to eliminate some base amenities – Air Force News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq – Air Force Times.

If the Air Force is looking to close on base amenities, you know the budget is tight.

The article does note, however, that a lot of the on base stuff is wasteful. How many people really use the arts/crafts and woodworking shops? Not a heck of a lot…

Most of the current  Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) infrastructure of Air Force (and Army) bases dates from the 60s and 70s, when far fewer airmen and soldiers were married or had cars.  Access to recreation off base was much harder to come by.

Today, at most stateside bases, it’s a rare trooper who can’t get a ride off base to enjoy his time off. So why keep paying for stuff the troops don’t use?

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  1. I notice that golf courses are not in your list. From what I understand, they find that they can do without amenities like runways, but shutting down the golf course would be a non-starter. 😉

    1. I have said many times, an AFB without a gold course is a hardship post. My father was stationed on exactly 3 AFBs with no gold course, Norris, Adair, and Lackland (although there was one on another nearby base). Norris was an old ADC radar site in East Tennessee, and Adair was a bit north of Corvallis, OR on part of what was Camp Adair in WW2 (it used to marked on road atlases as Adair Village – the old housing area). The ORNG has a small airstrip and range at old Adair from info I got about 7 years ago from a guy that had recently retired from the ORNG.

      Autos have reached a point that even a lot of what used to minor stuff can’t be done by the shade tree types anymore. The wood shops weren’t heavily used (I was one of the few to sue the Lackland wood shop in the early 70s), but we had gym rats back then too (I was one too).

      Another issue is that bases and posts are not nearly as isolated as they used to be. Lackland and Kelly AFBs (Kelly has been closed and the airfield merged with Lackland) used to be well outside of San Antonio. Since my father retired back in ’71, San Antonio has engulfed both. That’s just one example. With the death of ADC, the isolated fighter interceptor bases are gone (Klamath Falls, OR is one example). So the amenities aren’t as important since town is much closer, and many guys would just as soon get off base or post as much as they can. Not that it wasn’t always that way, it’s just much easier these days.

  2. The wood shop here goes empty most of the time. The golf course doesn’t. But I am surprised they are willing to cut stuff from their budget.

  3. Even if they wanted to dump the golf courses, the Prez wouldn’t let them do it, it would cramp his game.

  4. I reckon they are going to have to cut back on all those supermovie combo packs the cable company provides to all the Airmen’s rooms in the barracks . . .

  5. They should close the DFACs, put us all on separate rations. Sadly I fear that the axe will fall on needed programs after they cut the fat. The Military Family Life Consultants and Warrior Transitions Units will get cut in the name of money.

    1. Chockblock, that’s very likely. We are a nation that far too often cares too little for our soldier’s families while they serve or for our veterans themselves afterwards.

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