Load HEAT- Ashley Scott

So, SWAT was on the other night. Terrible movie. So I watched it twice.  And even though she had only the tiniest bit role, Ashley Scott really caught my eye as the girlfriend of Jim Street, the lead role. I had no idea who she was, but turns out, she’s actually had a rather robust career. Not much of the leading lady, but solid work. And she’s still hawt.

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  1. You know . . . get her toned up with a personal trainer . . . teach her how to fight, shoot and move . . . fit her for a set of mirror shades . . . and she just might pull of performing the Cat-Mother, Stepping Razor, one and only Molly Millions, mother of all Action Heroines™.

    That is . . . if they ever were to let William Gibson’s Neuromancer out of the Thirteenth Level of Production Hell.

    And . . . assuming she can even act . . .

    I read the most recent script treatment . . . they pulled an Edward Neumeier, where arguably, just like Starship Troopers, the only thing it had in common with the source material was little more than the title and names of characters.

    Out of frustration, I started creating character designs and drawing my favorite scenes on comic pages. In 1989, Epic Comics published the first of three parts, covering The First Act of the novel. Though well received by both critics and fans, it proved to be the death rattle of a struggling studio that went under before the remaining work could be completed.

    Got it on eBay™ . . . my Bid-Fu™ proved strong.

    I grew up with Cyberpunk in The Eighties™, and William Gibson’s work had a significant role in earning respectability for the genre.

    Of course, Neuromancer lies buried under six feet of concrete on sub-level thirteen . . . yet whatever brain vomit, human/bovine/equus excrement swill that thieving charlatan hack adam sandler wants to do gets green lit at ludicrus speed.

    “They’ve gone to plaid . . .!”

    Unfortunately, the poor performance of Johnny Neumonic in 1995 probably scared them off, as Keanu did not know Kung Fooled™ yet.

    Everyone say: “Thank you, Ted Neo” . . .!

    Whoa . . .

    1. Roundhammer, sounds like might could be we share some common tastes. If you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to read a copy of that script treatment you were mentioning …

  2. I have this overwhelming urge to grab a pair of scissors and finish the job someone started on that red swimsuit.

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