Space pics of the day

SpaceX released some more pictures of the recovery of the Dragon capsule from three days ago.

In other space news, a mockup of the Space Shuttle was moved to Houston. I’m ambivalent about the Houston vs. NYC argument for a retired Space Shuttle. On the one hand, Houston is the home of the astronaut crew and put a lot of work into the Shuttle. On the other hand, more people will see it in New York, and having an established museum like the USS Intrepid should ensure that the Shuttle is cared for. It is one of the great shames of Huntsville that the Skylab mockup that had been in the museum was put outside and has not endured well in the elements. It may be past restoration now.

This mockup was named “Explorer” when it was on display at Kennedy Space Center. I read that there will be a contest to give it a name more appropriate for Texas. One suggestion I saw was to put “Columbia” on one side and “Challenger” on the other. More pictures of the arrival of the mockup at JSC here.

4 thoughts on “Space pics of the day”

    1. You would hope that the Shuttle in NYC is taken care of and preseved properly. But juudging by the rare aircraft that sit out in the elements on the deck of the Intrepid rotting away, I have my doubts.

      If Explorer is what it was called that is what it should stay, IMO.

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