Congratulations to Galrahn on five years of Information Dissemination

We’re coming up on our own fourth anniversary, so I can well understand the level of effort it takes just to post any content every day, let alone build one of the most respected national security focused forums just because you felt like starting a blog.

Information Dissemination will be hosting a month long Virtual Conference on seapower.

Here’s the thing. Galrahn isn’t a naval professional. He’s just a guy that decided it was something he wanted to talk about. And he did. And quickly built a following of loyal readers, and soon even began to draw the attention of the highest levels of the Navy.

That’s one thing that irks me, incidentally. The Navy, far more than any other service, really gets social media and blogging, and is widely engaged. It is a damn site harder to find a good Army blog that serves as both a professional forum and a resource for the layman. It’s not at all uncommon to see comments from a three or four star Admiral on a blog. You just don’t find that on the Army side. And finding an Air Force blog is almost impossible.

So Bravo Zulu to Glarahn. Other than his fascination with the LCS program, I’m happy to visit him every day.

3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Galrahn on five years of Information Dissemination”

    1. I’m hardly a fanboy of the F-35 program. I think a workable A model, and probably a C model will be produced. But the B model, and the rational behind the whole program, are deeply flawed.

      Having said that, I’m pleased to know you visit from time to time. Don’t be a stranger.

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