NASA – Refurbishment on Grand Scale for Iconic VAB

NASA – Refurbishment on Grand Scale for Iconic VAB.

With the Shuttles being moved to museums (sniff), the Vehicle Assembly Building is due for some maintenance. Everything from the corroded fire suppression system to cables to work platforms will be replaced or refurbished over the next two years. I’m glad to see it, because it’s definitely needed, and it will make the place more flexible for future rockets, whatever they may look like. (It’ll also keep some Florida folks employed for a while.)

Sharing again my pic of the VAB. Words cannot adequately convey how small you feel inside this building.

Inside the Vehicle Assembly Building, looking up. That ceiling is 526 feet up.

I hope I’ll return to the VAB and see rocketwork again.

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  1. I remember a Scout Tour as it was building, the guide gave some crazy number about being the worlds largest battery if it wasn’t grounded because of the depth of the piles driven thru the briney muck.

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