Happy Diamond Jubilee

For four days, today through Tuesday, Elizabeth II is celebrating her 60th anniversary as Queen. We’ve already seen the celebratory flyover. Today the Queen went to the Epsom Derby. Tomorrow, she will lead up to a thousand boats in the Thames River Pageant. Monday is a huge concert and lighting of beacons across the country. Tuesday will be a service of thanksgiving and another RAF flyover.

I think the Queen is a significant part of the “special relationship” between Great Britain and the United States. She has been there through a dozen each of prime ministers and presidents. She has been there through the Korean War, the Cold War, Operation Desert Storm (Operation Granby for the U.K.), Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom. Britain allowed our fighters to launch from RAF bases to bomb Libya in 1986. We share military bases on Diego Garcia and Ascension Island. We sell our best weapons to her country first (though she may not thank us for the F-35).

There have been rough spots, like our invasion of Grenada, and some friendly fire incidents in Iraq. Britain did not send troops to Vietnam, instead they had their hands full with the situation in Indonesia and Malaysia in the 1960’s. We’re currently in a rough spot, thanks to President Obama – the recent betrayal of intelligence assets, referring to the Falklands as the Maldives (oops and a snicker), and saying we don’t have a stronger ally than France. Not to mention wincingly bad gift choices and his feet up on the Resolute desk. I hope that a Romney administration can smooth ruffled feathers.

Thank you to Her Majesty’s armed forces who have stood with us in the war on Communism and the war on terror. We remember the British servicemen and women who have fought by our side and paid the ultimate price. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families.

Stolen from the ONT at Ace of Spades. I like the determined look on her face.

In closing, I’d like to end with a bit of humor from my childhood. This is from a Vaughn Meador-type spoof of the Carter White House by Hans Petersen, a disk jockey from my old stomping ground of Augusta, Georgia. I was going to write the skit from memory, but even better, I found the clip on Youtube.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XADU-8ZVa0&w=420&h=315]

7 thoughts on “Happy Diamond Jubilee”

  1. I think she’s got a strong claim to the title “Good Queen Bess.”

    Maybe “Good Queen Liz” to avoid any conflict.

  2. Do NOT mess with the ol gel — she is not just all beauty and brains you know. She was an ATS in WWII and knows one end of a gun from another. Plus, she is Colonel in Chief of LOTS of regiments, not to mention the fact that British service personnel swear allegiance to her personally, not the government or Prime Minister.

  3. It would be nice if she had that response when London was being destroyed and set alight . . .

    Or when “andy” choudary and his fellows stir up the jihadis to violence over “Draw mohammed Day” or some other immagined insult, like British Soldiers and Marines returning home and marching in formation in honor of the people they fought to protect . . .

    Or when the CHAVs – Civil Housing Adolecent: Violent, amazing what that series of tubes, the interwebz allows you to learn – go wilding – and killing – in packs . . .

    Or the “Grooming Parties” where the jihadis drug or intoxicate underage girls to prep them for a gang rape . . .

    [Dis]honor killings, violations of [once] Great Britain’s national sovereignty by unelected and unaccountable accountants in the eu. Police refusing to answer calls timely when violent crime is involved . . .

    If she insisted Great Britain’s Veterans receive the honors and considerations they have clearly earned, instead of just being “shown the door and kicked on his way out” . . .

    If she stomped down on threats to Britain the moment they appeared, I would agree “Do NOT mess with the ol gel”.

    If she took the piss out of members of Parliament who failed the British people . . . but she does not. She is content to sit idlely by while her country and culture commit suicide by proxy.

    I took leave in Britain, in time for honoring the Sixth of June – they treat it as a holiday there, unlike the US – it was bittersweet. There were areas of London that, as a white, presumably Christian man, I could not go. Areas that were filled with individuals just like the ones I was fighting . . . with the same attitude as well.

    Then there are the CHAVs . . .

    I weep for Great Britain.

    1. hello roundhammer117,
      whilst as a brit i agree with the feeling of some of your comments, i think you paint a picture of our country that is a tiny bit depressing even for us! we do have problems, as do most western democracies, in the whole idea and practicalities of multiculturalism and integration, which i think we definitely not helped by new labour’s years of power and also by certain media organisations reporting of things, but i’d rather be in the uk than france, for instance! i’d also suggest go outside london (i’m not sure you did?) we’re a lot nicer ‘oop north’ for instance – no one in the uk outside london likes the place 😉 the vast silent majority of white and non-white people alike, of all religions and culture, would generally just like to quietly get on together. a vocal, spoilt few, who people are scared of telling to shut the f*ck up for various reasons, get away with outrageous behaviour. they should all be slapped with the royal trout of punishment imho.
      as for the queen, well she’s in a bit of pickle, basically she is very confined and proper in how she behaves and with no actual power any more. the last few centuries made us a bit wary of monarchs, and after rebellions and chopping off their heads we all came to a vaguely sensible arrangement, and the tourists seem to like it too … saying that i’m much happier having an apolitical figurehead of state than a president or similar … it makes me vomit a little into my mouth thinking of someone like tony blair in such a role. it seems to make us feel a bit happier about the scumbag politicians – we know the queen is still there, up top, and they’ll be gone at some point for good.
      finally, about the 6th June – it isn’t a holiday here usually? we have a public holiday at the start and end of may usually, but things get moved around in jubilee years (or royal weddings etc?). shamefully if you asked the average (younger) person on the street i’d expect they wouldn’t know what happened today those 68 or so years ago.
      best wishes! elizzar

    2. I loved every minute I was allowed, but I only had a few days of leave. London was beautiful and every person I spoke to friendly and welcoming.

      The first steak dinner I had in ages wound up having a significant impact.

      The waitress picked up easy that I was American, but she also picked up on my use of language and asked if I was a Soldier. Her older brother was in Afghanistan at the time. I could not lie, and eventually revealed I was a member of the 101st Airborne. I had my camera with me and showed her some of my photos from in-theater . . . eventually, the manager came out and said “. . . it would be a great pleasure for us if you would accept this meal as a gift.”

      Though I felt self-conscious about it, I did understand what this gesture meant to them. Of course, I accepted.

      I gave the young lady an above normal tip, saying it would help me remember their generosity.

      Seeing what the social disease of multiculturalism, political correctness and cultural relativism is doing to your nation angers me beyond what civilized language can capture. Your people are being betrayed by politicians and social engineers whose pandering actions can only be described as both asinine, suicidal, quisling . . . and treasonous.

      When Anglo-born individuals say openly that Great Britain will be a muslim country . . . and the rest of the nation does NOT rip them to pieces, I feel my blood pressure and temper rise.

      There is much Her Majesty can do behind closed doors. Things can be said without using direct words.

      “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?!”

      Violent crime has gone into lunar orbit since privately owned firearms were banned. The degenerates of society, both domestic and hostile alien foreigners, fear neither legal penalty nor social repercussions whenever they choose to act out. This needs to change, the rule of law must be upheld. The domestic enemies need to fall in line or be seriously prosecuted, or face the citizenry.

      CHAVs, hooligans and anarchists would not act out as much if they knew they could get shot once again. It is not a pleasant fact, but the savages and criminals in the world “need killing” as we say in some portions of The States.

      The CHAVs had “cousins” that lived next door to me. “Jersey Shore” rejects and “Tony Soprano” wannabes who thought they could terrorize people at will. Until they went too far attacking a neighbor . . . and found me aiming a rifle at them.

      They got real quiet after that, eventually moving away.

      The only acceptable solution for hostile alien foreigners is their forceful deportation with their familes.

      Britain needs to roar once again and protect herself, before it is too late.

      I would truly mourn the loss of such a great nation and people.

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