Obama and Poland

I’m astonished at the Polish death camps kerfuffle.

It’s one thing to misspeak. It happens. W was good for mangling words.

But to not immediately make a statement rectifying the situation is unfathomable. How hard would it be to note that the Poles were the first victims of Nazi aggression, had hundreds of thousands of their citizens shipped off to the camps, and struggled mightily for freedom from the oppression of the Nazis and later the Communists? He could have turned a stupid, but very minor, mistake into an affirmation of how much the US can admire the Polish people.

Instead, he can’t apologize for anything unless he can blame it on someone else.

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  1. Does that really surprise you? I suspect he is so ignorant of history he doesn’t understand that there is a difference between a “Polish concentration camp” and a Nazi camp in Poland.” What’s the big deal, I passed health care?

  2. Apparently, six million Poles lost their lives, half of them Jews, so evn you’re undershooting when you say “hundreds of thousands”. I had no idea that many had died just in Poland.

  3. I was in Poland on official government business in 1987 before the revolution. My admiration for the Polish people is boundless. I met several, including my driver who had been to the States on work visas and had a deep fondness for America and our people. All were looking forward to the day they would be free. Obama’s insult was not the careless misspeaking that has become his claim to fame – these were prepared remarks off the magic teleprompter. His level of ignorance, arrogance, and inhumanity are below measure.

  4. I cannot tell you my disgust when I see Obama representing himself as a Black American first, arm in arm with bigots like Wright, and Jackson, and Sharpton, and Holder, and the entire cabal of race baiters.

    They cry “slavery” and “reparations” and push White Guilt for everything it is worth. In fact, without the race baiting, they are irrelevant charlatans.

    But of the two ethnic groups, Holder’s “people”, Black Americans or my “people”, Poles? Mine. Lynchings, racial persecution? Murder? Mine. In numbers orders of magnitude higher than anything Jesse Jackson screams about. But because they can’t make political or monetary capital off that, they care not in the least, not even enough to know what happened.

    Obama is a disgrace.

    1. Er, the sentence should read, “But of the two ethnic groups,….. who has been enslaved by another in living memory?

  5. Adding insult to injury, when the Poles asked Lech Walesa to accept the Medal of Freedom for Jan Karski, Obama said no; Walesa was “too political.”

    Meanwhile, one of the actual recipients was Socialist Dolores Huerta, who is a charter member of the Hugo Chavez Fan Club among other things.

    In other words, a staunch anti-Communist is “too political,” while a running-dog Socialist who says that “Republicans hate Latinos” is hunky-dory. Got it.

    1. My God – I had no idea about Obama shunning Walesa. It was my great privilege to meet Mr Walesa. He is one of my personal heroes and I don’t have many.

  6. But . . . the seas were supposed to halt their rise and the world was supposed to heal at the arrival of “Dear Reader” [Teleprompter Type]

    Is he not the one we have been waiting for . . .?

    I say YES, fellow readers! Indeed he IS.

    He has been the one to shock the system enough that We, The People pick our heads up and recognize the subversion of the American way of life that has started a century ago and has been in a continuing rate of acceleration since The Sixties. He is “Teh Won”, as he has motivated many of us to read the words of our Founding Fathers. To actually absorb and understand the thoughts and intentions of these brilliant, yet humble men.

    The tide will turn, the future of the Republic is ours to save, because in their arrogant presumption and hubris, the progressives have shown their true colors and pushed the American Citizen too far.

    The American Citizen, will now PUSH BACK.

    Such resistance cannot be sustained by those that seek to subvert the Republic, for theirs is an empty, corrupt, shallow foundation of excuses and delusions of competance and grandeur.

    Their facade of a world is crumbling around their ears in the face of this truth, it shows in their increasing desperation. They are finally coming to understand their are cut off by history and surrounded by American Minute Men. The wayward course our nation has been on can finally be corrected, as now We, The People recognize how truly insidious the intent of these subversives is.

    Yet this fight is not won, not nearly. There is every likelihood it will get worse before it is resolved. The various psuedo-revolutionary and fashionable-anarchy actions launched may very well increase in their level of violence against person and property. Their rage, at first, was directed at the nebulous and easily villified “One Percent”, even though the progressives on Capital Hill were responsible for the troubles that currently plague the Republic. These young, impressionable fools were “just following orders” without realizing it. As the election draws near, they may be “nudged” via sunstein’s dictum to turn that violence against the rest of us.

    Beware, organized militant ethnic groups will surely commit to violence, the question is to what degree? The follow on question is, how permissive will city governments be in allowing their savagery? Will law enforcement allow the city government to be permissive? Or will they do what is right by upholding the law and their oath to The Constitution?

    As it has been said before by far more brave and intelligent men than I could ever hope to be: it must be resolved with the ballot box, NOT the cartridge box.

    “We have given you a Republic . . . IF you can keep it.” – Benjamin Franklin

    Hold fast!

    1. Mr. Roundhammer,

      Have you considered your own blog?

      Seriously, I doubt there is going to be much pushback. I wish there were, but the country has reached the entitlement stage and historically that is a very bad stage that no one has ever pulled back from. People are sheep at that point, particularly when the franchise is universal. That is the reason the founders established a Republic and required that anyone voting have skin in the game. A very large part of the electorate get’s their skin from entitlements and are dependent upon the status quo remaining. Ain’t gonna happen as it isn’t sustainable.

      Even a goodly number of the wage earners are going to squeal when the balloon finally pops, and will call for Government action. Socialism has been seated deeply in the hearts of the American People.

    2. Apologies, Mr.Gauch . . . once I realized I wandered into a far better maintained brainspace . . . I was exremely careful not to touch or knock anything over as I exfilled.

      Though that plate of chocolate chip cookies were SORELY tempting . . . I did the right thing and left them in place.

      Mr.QM, the thought has occured to me, when I perform the task we laughingly call “thinking”. Yet I am reluctant, should I draw the ire of such terrorists as kimberlin, brynaert, or even ayers. I would not respond well to being “SWATed”, and I WOULD seek revenge . . . assuming I even SURVIVED the encounter with law enforcement.

      And not every Veteran of late HAS.

      I would want to fall upon my training in dealing with them, since the courts refuse to mete out justice.

      I got better things to do than sit in a cell without parole or on death row . . . no idea what those things are, but they are much preferred.

      Like . . . maybe writing another Snake Plissken adventure for Kurt Russell and John Carpenter to consider . . .

    3. Now that’s just spooky. I’ve been thinking of making a batch of cookies for about a week.

  7. As a wise man once said: “What a maroon.”

    Looks like we need to add Warsaw to President Romney’s apology tour.

      1. I figure it would start in Mexico City, move up to Ottawa, then London and Warsaw. Maybe Berlin?

    1. Only apologise to mexico AFTER they get their house in order.

      Meaning: no more violations of our Fourteenth Amendment by claiming unlawful citizenship by fraud, no more illegal voting in our elections, no more identity-theft of American Citizens, no more billions of dollars each year via remittance transfers, no more taking employment from American Citizens and artificially driving down wages and our standards of living, no more foreign aid on demand to fund the narco-terrorists through deserter-recruits.

      And what personally makes me angry: no more lecturing us on whether or not we enforce our immigration laws, or excercise our rights under the Second Amendment.

      Then, consider an apology.

      And then, ONLY after a period of no less than thirty years of good behavior.

      They will be another somalia by then, leaving us with no choice but to secure the border to keep the militants out . . . like in John Carpenter’s Escape from New York.

      Sometimes I think we should do that to New York as well, but in the context of gagging politicians, liberals, and talking ditto-heads . . .

      I am pulling a Snake Plissken the moment I have enough resources . . .

    2. Our Shortbus-in-Chief put several thousand weapons in the hands of sociopaths who used them to kill several hundred Mexican citizens. That’s not even in the same ballpark as using us as a social relief valve. We can say “Mea Culpa” for the former without backing down from demanding the end to the latter. Who knows, it might even help.

    3. Your point is valid, Mr.Gauch.

      I had forgotten to include in my argument the shocking number of crimes committed by illegal aliens, with reference specifically to murder and rape. The numbers of repeat offenders in our justice system is especially disgusting.

      As Investors Business Daily reported in March 2005:

      “The U.S. Justice Department estimated that 270,000 illegal immigrants served jail time nationally in 2003. Of those, 108,000 were in California. Some estimates show illegals now make up half of California’s prison population, creating a massive criminal subculture that strains state budgets and creates a nightmare for local police forces.”

      Found that with the search: “Percentage of illegal aliens in prison” among many more.

      As to your point, the death of noncombatants at the hands of narco-terrorists employing weapons provided through efforts by the atf and state department – including direct sales of actual MilSpec weapon systems authorized to known front companies run by the sinaloa cartel as a counteraction to the zetas – is completely inexusable.

      It is abhorrent and an insult to the principles this nation stands for. Those reponsible must be brought to justice.

      I suspect you may agree, Sir, that quite a few politicians and faceless bureaucrats need to hang for these high crimes and misdemeanors.

      Not figuratively, either.

      The narco-terrorists we just shoot on sight. Put bounties on them the same way they put bouties on our Law Enforcement Officials and Citizens.

      On my word of honor, Sir, I did not touch your cookies . . . but honor also demands I confess that I did take a few moments to smell their warm, chocolatey goodness.

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