Your humble host has a serious case of the “blahs” today. I can’t even find a good pic of a kitten to link. I’m going back to bed.


8 thoughts on “Ugh”

  1. Thursday is the worst day of the week, not Wednesday. Wednesdays are right in the middle of the work week. When it is Thursday, the weekend taunts mercilessly whilst hiding behind Friday.

    Unless it is a DONSA . . . then Thursdays earn wicked Cool Points . . .

    But only on DONSAs.

    1. “Whilst” brought to you by the Tea, Crumpet, and Scone Society of Python

  2. You shoulda sent me an email so I could meet you in Atlanta this week. I coulda cheered you right up, or gotten you annoyed you would have logged on just to engage in some seriously kewl dissing of one QM. Either way you wouldn’t have had the blahs. You might have been deliciously tired, however.

    1. Sorry, just a quick overnight trip. Barely had time to take my socks off. I’m suffering the blahs in B’ham. I’m spending far too much quality time with family!

  3. You’ve still got that picture of my cat you can post sometime you’re low on content. He’ll argue weapons with anyone.

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