Road Trip

I’ll be away from the interwebs until this afternoon. And I was way too lazy to schedule content for today. Play amongst yourselves.

Favorite 80s movies?

Suggestions for Load HEAT?

Favorite shootin’ arns?

Best drink for a hot southern afternoon?

Have at it.

30 thoughts on “Road Trip”

  1. Favorite 80s movies? It’s a toss up between Pale Rider and Aliens.

    Suggestions for Load HEAT? Eva Mendez and Shania Twain.

    Favorite shootin’ arns? Ruger 10/22 Stainless with BX-25 magazine (After shooting with 10 round magazines, the 25 rounder just seems to never empty.

    Best drink for a hot southern afternoon? Anything with ice. Lots and lots of ice.

    1. I really can’t fault you on that, Aggie. You’re absolutely right. (About HM, anyway – I probably shouldn’t click on your link at work just based on the domain name, so I don’t know what it is.)

      For drink … Sweet Tea at Hyman’s in Charleston, hands down.

      1. HA! Sorry about that. I’m coblogger there, but the link is to a girlie drink of the week called Kansas City Ice Water:

        1 shot Vodka

        1 shot Gin

        ½ shot Lime Juice

        12 oz. Seven-Up (or any lemon-lime soda)

        Pour ingredients over ice and stir. Garnish with lime wedges. Mmmmm, goooood 😀

  2. 80’s movie? There is only one: “Midnight Run” “DeNiro: “I got two words for you, Shut the F%$^ up.”

    Load HEAT: Sofia Vergara, Jessica Biel, Kate Upton, April Bowlby. Definitely April Bowlby.

    I just picked up a Springfield Range Office in .45 ACP and love it. My only complaint is that the target sights have moved a bit. I have to tap them out and dab them with Lock-Tite. I also really like my Beretta 92FS. Haven’t had a malfunction after about 2000 rounds. Not one FTE, FTF, or anything.

    1. You know, I hated the Beretta when I was in, but a couple years ago I bought a 92FS on a nostalgic whim, and it’s wonderful. I haven’t had a malfunction with it – which I can’t say for the issued M9’s – and it’s just treated me very, very well. I’m sort of torturing it right now – it’s been through several hundred rounds of desert shooting since I cleaned it last, and I sort of want to see how far it will go before it starts to not function so well.

      The AR is getting the same test now – it’s up to about a thousand rounds, all shot in the desert. I lube them both up pretty well, but that’s it.

    2. LT, I just took an ASAA three day defensive pistol course. The instructor couldn’t say enough bad things about the Beretta. I had the only one there. A couple of guys had 1911’s, there were some Glocks and at least one HP. The instructor was carrying a 1911 and raved about them. I think every 1911 there had a malfunction at some point during the weekend but he kept harping on my open slide and mushy trigger. Go figure.

    3. Mushy trigger? Has that guy ever actually shot a 92? The DA pull, maybe, but the SA pull is as good as any service-type pistol out there, and a damn sight better than a Glock. Holding it to the same accuracy and feel standards as a custom shop 1911 is stupid … but it’ll sure as hell beat them on reliability standards.

      (I love 1911’s too – I’m getting ready to pick up a couple 80% frames soon!)

      1. Aggie is (as always) correct. Sofia and Kate have been featured. Helen and Rene are excellent suggestions. I’ve never heard of April, but I’ll happily take a look.

    4. The one thing about the Beretta I’m not happy about is the trigger. There is a lot of take-up in SA. I sometimes get in the habit of pressing right up to the point where is will engage then holding. DA I’m fine with.

    5. Daryle, check out the D spring for the Beretta. Should be about a 5 or 10 minute job to switch, and supposedly it makes a world of difference in the trigger feel. I haven’t felt the need to do it yet myself, but I may look into it eventually.

  3. Best 1980s movie….Stripes…..1st runner up The Thing…..2nd Runner Up Full Metal Jacket

    Load Heat…..I concur with Helen Mirren but if I may, and I am not sure if she has been selected previously, Rene Russo.

    Shootin’ Arn’…..M2HB .50 cal on a tripod. Failing that my Remington New Army .44 cal cap & ball

    A hot southern afternoon? Well, I’ll take that to be mean the southern shore of Lake Ontario….a Sackets Harbor Independence Wheat.

  4. Don’t really remember the 80’s or it’s movies…

    Sig P-250. Hell, any Sig really.

    Agree with Ms. Sith on teh Vodka andor Gin. But I’ll take mine in a Martini, dirty, with a Texas twist… Jalapeno stuffed olives soaked in Vermouth.

  5. Best 80s movie? Any cheesy war or counter-terrorist movie where the Americans actually win, and the bad guys are known enemies of the United States, not evil corporations or the CIA.
    Favorite weapon; tossup between an M256 (yes, that would be the 120mm smoothbore cannon that resides within the turret of the M1 series of tanks), and plain old M240B fired from a bipod. With regards to the Baretta 92FS as above, I have been firing mine since about 1992 or 93, and have never had a malfunction with it, although I admit I have gone more than a year at a time without shooting it a couple of times. I can even say that I can’t recall any with my service M9, that weren’t attributable to a crappy, sand-filled magazine. (I eventually stopped carrying my pistol off-FOB.) Yeah, the 9mm sucks, etc, but the 92FS fires when I pull the trigger, and it generally hits right about six inches below where I aim…
    Best drink: plain old ice water. It’s hot here in TX!

    1. I’m having flashbacks to you and I and Terry memorizing Apocalypse Now, but technically, that was a 70s movie.

      DELTA FORCE!!!!!

      Chuck Norris Rules!!

      I don’t particularly like the M9/92SF, but that’s more an ergonomic thing. I’ve fired a couple hundred rounds through them over the years, and never had any mechanical issues.

      I have an affinity for 1980s S&W Autos, as long as they’re in .45ACP. But my true love is a good 1911.

      The Ruger 10/22… I’ve probably fired more rounds through one of those than anything else, save the M249 (I had to “dispose” of 17,000 rounds of ammo one afternoon). Great rifle, accurate, cheap, and sturdy. My Ruger Mini-14/5R was a sweet gun as well. So were my two other Rugers, a No. 1 in .22/250, and a M77R in .300 WinMag. A bit much for coyotes, but still fun to shoot.

    2. I dunno Brad – .300 WM seems about right for a coyote, but then I also judge coyote kills based on splatter.

    3. Oh NOES! He’s at Hood!

      Sweet Iced Tea with a touch of Lemon Juice. Found that worked best while I was in OCS.

      M1911. Never had a malfunction with first class mags. The mag feed lips are the weak point of any semi-auto handgun. I keep a couple cheapos around for training purposes. I get random misfeeds and have to do my immediate action drill for real. Wilson mags for anger management applications. My other love is a Daewoo DR-200. Takes AR=15/M-16 mags and uses a ported AK gas system and teh rotary Stoner AR-15 lockup. I use the 1911 until I get to the Daewoo.

      I must say I likes the 4.1 inch Brit gun we uses in the M-60 series. I was out before the Abrams got to either of the Tennessee ANG units (30th Armored BDE and 278th ACR). I just like loud booms and big holes in direct fire mode. Esli knows what I means here.

      Did I say Iced Tea with a touch of Lemon? Straight Iced Water is for Yankees. Real Southrons drink Sweet Tea.

      Fav 80s movie? I Liked the Star Trek series and the finish to the Star Wars trilogy.

  6. 80’s movies: Empire Strikes Back, Flight of the Navigator, Last Starfighter, Top Gun (two words, two caps).

    Load HEAT suggestions: Anything with boobs.

    Guns: Similarly, anything that goes BANG.

    Best drink for a hot souther summer? Whatever they serve in the plane north to a habitable climate. Preferably somewhere they put the altitude on the city limit signs.

  7. Fay-vrit 1980s movie? Das Boot. Next? Terminator.

    Load HEAT? Laura Linney. She just does it for me. If I can’t have Laura, I could live with Helen Mirren.

    Best shootin’ iron? M101A1 105mm Howitzer. Then, the 1911. Followed by the M-1 Garand.

    Best drink for hot southern weather?

    You may talk o’ gin an’ beer, when you’re quartered safe out ‘ere, an’ sent to penny-fights an’ Aldershot it,
    But when it comes to slaughter, you’ll do your work on water, an’ you’ll lick the bloomin’ boots of ‘im that’s got it…..

  8. The delightful Ms. Bowlby played Kandi/Candi, who dated both Charlie and Alan in 2.5 men. Not only is she stunning she managed to play dump perfectly. I don’t stop in here often enough so I missed Sofia and Kate.

  9. There is something to be said for favorite gun of the Sea Badger, the 16″/50 MK7. What it hits, stay hit.

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