Memorial Day

Today we honor those Americans who fell in battle. 

The dead soldier’s silence sings our national anthem. -Aaron Kilbourn

I’ll visit a grave later this afternoon. And while the man in that grave didn’t die in battle, I think it is still safe to say he is an American Hero. Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Distinguished Flying Cross.

And he was lucky. He had almost 40 years before he was called to the sound of the guns. And having survived his tour, he enjoyed another almost four decades.

Not bad for a kid from a one mule red dirt farm.

Enjoy this day, revel in it.

For them who cannot.

3 thoughts on “Memorial Day”

  1. I still have my father, he flew off the USS Forrestal, among other carriers.

    My first major expenditure of Irishman’s Luck™ was he happened to be
    off the ship on 29JUL1967.

    I was born in The Seventies™.

    Personally burned up the bulk of my remaining Irishman’s Luck™ as a

    But even though these are troubling times, I am most lucky to be an

  2. @roundhammer117, I have the profound honor of knowing one of the enlisted, who served on the USS Forrestal and also served at Whidbey Island. He was aboard the USS Forrestal, when we had that horrible fire. I have known him since grade school, 50+ years ago.

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