8 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Molly Ringwald”

  1. Uhmmm . . . I did not like The Breakfast Club . . . at all. Too much whining.

    Yes . . . I am a freak and social outcast: a Gen X Veteran from New York.

    I really did not like any of The Hand-Wringing Teen Angst Movies™ during
    The Eighties™.

    I did like many of The John Cusack Teen Misadventures™ . . . One Crazy
    Summer being my favorite . . . but I am a cartoonist, I suppose that is why.

    I drew my forum picture in Italy for Unit Morale Knick-Knacks™: posters,
    coffee mugs, mouse pads, and the like.

    Molly Ringwald is a very good actress, she got me to dislike many of her
    characters, meaning she played The Snotty Stuck-Up Princess™ very well.

    What do I know? I am a freak and social outcast.

    1. One Crazy Summer was good, but I prefer Better Off Dead. That’s still one of my all time favorites.

    2. Good Sir, you named my second most favorite John Cusack Teen

      Very pro-environmental message before the greenies, kill-all-human-
      cultsters, and skinny jean starsux-hipsters took over, too: “This is pure
      snow! Do you have any idea what the street value of this mountain is?!”

      Just do not ask me for two dollars . . .

      Even if you ask me speaking Howard Cosell . . .

  2. Speaking of 80s crushes, try the “Some Kind of Wonderful” pair – Lea Thompson and Mary Stuart Masterson, both of whom still look fantastic.

    Molly Ringwald was dynamite, but @roundhammer, my impression was that the cool kids didn’t like Molly Ringwald because her major roles were misfits, not cool kids. That is, her characters were freaks and social outcasts. Of course, since the cool kids didn’t talk to me, I’m just speculating.

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