Golden Gate

Now with added battleship!

As a follow up to the blurb I posted the other day about the USS Iowa moving from San Fran to San Pedro, Craig pointed me to Of Battlefields and Bibliophiles, where in addition to pics of the old girl being towed, he’s managed to include wonderful shots of the Golden Gate Bridge at 75 years, and Civil War Era fortifications! That’s an impressive trifecta of content for one blogpost.

6 thoughts on “Golden Gate”

  1. GREAT shot. One never to be repeated. Ever. How many thousands of similar images since the 1930s, but this is the last for a battleship to slide out of the bay under the old Golden Gate.


  2. If you are in the area sometime, go to Fort Point under the bridge. They redesigned the Golgen Gate to preserve it.

  3. The view from the Enterprise’s flight deck is much better than from a car driving across the top. Been there, done that, got the Shellback, got the hat.

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