How to build a nuclear powered aircraft carrier

Apparently, it just snaps together like Legos!


8 thoughts on “How to build a nuclear powered aircraft carrier”

  1. I’m still trying to figure out why we’re naming a carrier after a President whose biggest claims to fame are (a) the fact that he wasn’t ever elected and (b) lost to Jimmy Carter.

    1. Mostly because 1) he was Republican and 2) he was dying and 3) the previous carrier was George H.W. Bush.

      I figure if Romney wins the next carrier will be named Enterprise (pretty much all the Republican Presidents of note have ships named after them), if Obama wins they’ll bring back Kennedy.

    2. Mr.Guach, if the socialist community-organizer-in-chief wins . . . there will
      be NO new carriers.

      Or a Navy . . . or Army . . . or Marine Corps . . . or Air Force.

      There will be more food stamps, more outreach to handjob haji egos,
      more vilifying our Republic and what the nation stands for, more czars,
      more systematic dismantling of our Constitution and Bill of Rights . . .

      But no new carriers . . .

      No bananas, either.

  2. Rusty, they named it thataway ’cause he served in the “good war.” He was also a a Moderately Liberal Republican that was happy to cave to the “dimes tore new Deal” efforts of the Demonrats.

    We don’t name capital ships after ideas or other good things anymore because we are an increasingly degraded country that has lost its roots.

  3. Let us hope the USS Gerald Ford does not spontaneously capsize while
    conducting cat and trap operations . . . or sailing to her AO, or at port
    while taking on stores . . . make certain no boarding stairs are anywhere
    nearby. Ever.

    1. RH117, If you kind of squint, your name looks somewhat like an aircraft carrier in silhouette. Kind of cool.

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