Final voyage: USS Iowa on way to S. Calif. home – Yahoo! News

A famed battleship that saw action during World War II and the Korean War and carried President Franklin D. Roosevelt to a wartime summit traveled along the California coast Sunday on its final voyage.

The iconic USS Iowa left San Francisco Bay on its way to its new home in Southern California.

Surrounded by pleasure boats and other vessels, the 887-foot long, 58,000-ton battlewagon was towed through the bay and passed under the Golden Gate Bridge at about 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

Crowds watched from both sides of the bridge as the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Sockeye provided an official escort and the San Francisco fireboat Phoenix led the way.

At the St. Francis Yacht Club on San Francisco’s shoreline, officers and crew members of the USS Decatur, outfitted in their dress whites, saluted as the Iowa drifted past, Rogers said.

via Final voyage: USS Iowa on way to S. Calif. home – Yahoo! News.

I guess I’ll have to go visit her as soon as they get her bedded down in San Pedro.

She’s no Big Badger Boat (waves to StB) but she’ll do.

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  1. Neat, but what would be really cool would be showing in parallel the building of the air wing, and the training of the crew, many of whom would still be in high school when the keel was laid. On a side note, how far in the future would you have to project the video to see the first skipper get relieved?

    1. Okay just shift this post back one. This one should have a snide comment about all the SF’ers probably cheering the departure of the most conservative thing in their precious bay.

  2. The Badger Boat is at NORVA and has been on display for quite sometime. Of course, the Iowa is in the same class as the Wisconsin, with the Iowa being the lead ship of the Class.

    Hi ya Scott! [waves]

    Are things OK up in Badger land? Let me know.

  3. Ah, USS Iowa. When the family first moved to Rhode Island, my company put us up in an apartment just down the hill from the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC for you cognoscenti). After getting settled in we went for a drive to get a peek at Narragansett Bay. Cresting the ridge upon which NUWC sits, there was the Bay. None of us really noticed it though, for tied up to the pier in front of us were three gray ladies: USS Forrestal (CV-59), USS Saratoga (CV-60) and USS Iowa (BB-61). Eventually the Iowa was towed away, as was Forrestal. Sara looks lonely now, rusting away and neglected, down slightly by the stern with an ever-so slight list to port. To think of the might these three great ships once projected. So the Iowa has held a place in my heart for a long time. May she teach future generations to remember what we once were, and hopefully, will be again.

  4. She’s the Big Badger Boat’s older sister, so IOWA gets plenty of cool points.

    QM, I get to live indoors, my sister, who is very well off, being married to an orthopedic surgeon, has advanced me the money, but alas, one of the conditions is the selling off of every firearm that I own, as she hates guns, and is taking advantage of the situation I find myself in.

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