Movie assailant punches a kid, becomes a folk hero –

It’s a general rule of thumb that a grown man doesn’t get a lot of support for knocking out a 10-year-old child’s teeth. But Yong Hyun Kim has won himself a few fans lately for doing just that.

Back on April 11, the 21-year-old Washington state man settled in with his girlfriend to enjoy “Titanic” in 3D — right in front of a boy known only in police documents as KJJ. What ensued led to a night in jail and a charge of second-degree assault.

According to the Associated Press, the boy, who was at the theater with three friends and his mother, says “they were watching the movie and talking when Kim told them to be quiet.” KJJ maintains that they settled down, but when he later whispered something to a companion, Kim “jumped over the seat, threw an iced drink at them and punched KJJ in the face.” He says Kim told him something like, “You know what, I paid a lot of money to see this movie.”

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Back in, oh… 86? 87? My buddy Wade and I went to Pearl City to see Star Trek IV. The one with the whales.

We would have been enjoying the movie, but a group of tweens sitting behind us was being a bit disruptive.  Kicking our seats, talking, the usual stuff. But when they started pelting us with popcorn, that was a bit much. Wade turned around and gave them one warning.

Foolishly, they persisted.

Wade took his ginormous cup of Coke and just poured it all over the little brats. The fled.

And Kirk saved the whales.

7 thoughts on “Movie assailant punches a kid, becomes a folk hero –”

  1. Hmmmm. A new philsophical question: WWKD? (What Would KIrk Do?)

    The only possible problem is that half the time the answer is “nail the hot alien chick.”

    1. Thing is, at least half of the rest of the time the answer is “get every crew member wearing the wrong color uniform killed.”

  2. What a tragic waste of a carbonated beverage that is the liquid embodiment
    of Americana . . . yet I will defer to Wade’s decision making on site during
    the contact in question.

    The “What Would Kirk Do?!™” method I would have chosen is the “Flying
    Double Kick!™” to be followed up with the “Double Fisted Jawbreaker!™”
    and “Dual Bladed Throat Chop!™” as necessary.

    But as an American Parachute Infantryman™, I am an inherently violent
    individual . . .

    1. And THEN I would “Make Sweet-SWEET Love™” to the Orion Slave Girl . . .

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