Court-martial set for former 173rd commander accused of fraud – News – Stripes

HEIDELBERG, Germany — The former commander of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team is scheduled to go on trial next month on fraud charges. The court-martial for Col. James Johnson III comes a year after an Army investigation determined that Johnson had had an improper relationship with an Iraqi woman and he was relieved of command.

via Court-martial set for former 173rd commander accused of fraud – News – Stripes.

We bust on the Navy pretty often when they fire commanders. Might as well try to be evenhanded.

Also, it seems the 173rd has had some persistent leadership problems.  Anybody know if that is systemic to the Light Infantry community today, or just a run of bad luck?

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  1. When I reached my duty station in Vicenza late 2001, Sir, the war had
    just broken out. I had originally been assigned to the 1st Battalion, 508th
    PIR, but diverted to stand up 2d Battalion, 503d PIR. The unit went from
    paper to combat in less than fifteen months approximate, something that
    unheard of, but another Parachute Infantry Battalion was needed in SETAF.

    Results were awkward at times, new Paratroopers being thrown into the
    “Run and Dash” phase of training, instead of beginning with “Crawl and
    Walk”. I had a Team Leader genuinely furious with me because I did not
    know how to use my NODs . . . he blamed me for only having a class on
    them in Basic, never once using them, or even holding them, prior.

    There was a lot of “Sqawk! Back at Bragg! Back at Bragg!” ideas that
    directly conflicted with “Well, in Ranger Batt” notions. It left things jumbled
    for a period of time.

    We lived under the dictat: “Do more with less and like it . . . or else!”

    Things did smoothe out, despite personality conflicts between the schools
    of thought. I later learned I had been taught Ranger assault tactics, which
    was appropriate, since we were using RBAs and LBEs more consistant
    with October 1993 Somalia than 2002. We still got things done. When the
    Battalion received the Gen1 Interceptor body armor, we were happy, as
    the RBA was heavy and not as protective.

    Mine weighed over thirty-seven pounds.

    Yet CIF did not also DX our PASGT Kevlars for MICH helmets, even
    though they had them in stock in Germany. I suppose none of their
    people were in the mood for TDY to Grafenwoehr. I feel they only gave
    us the Interceptors because they had been told “Or else!”

    The BC, LTC Dominic Caracillo, was a solid officer and leader. Overall,
    the 503d proved solid returning to combat, in spite of the underlying
    problems. Fourth Infantry taking the credit for our work did not help.

    I am of the opinion that since initial combat, the increasing meddling due
    to micro-managing from the pentagon has been directly responsible for
    the dicipline issues seen in-theater. The Infantry are treated like children
    in pre-school, not men fighting a war. No beer, no Playboy, no breathing
    room with the ROE constantly changing to favor the enemy.

    To say nothing of the unending threat of an EO complaint or 15-6
    investigation for actually killing the enemy. And of course, the CYA
    backstabbing politicking of the Blue Falcon Brigades.

    It takes a toll.

    Of all things, being a Paratrooper marked me as unwelcome when I
    PCS’d to the 101st Airborne. Correction: when I PCS’d to Rakkasan

    They are Falling Umbrellas, NOT Screaming Eagles . . .

    It is why I finished out.

    Sky Soldier, Sir!

  2. Thinking with the wrong head!! Head up 4th point of contact. Regards

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