Sunday Plane Pron

Stolen from Comjam at Facebook.


The F7F Tigercat, while not a particularly successful design, is for my money the prettiest of all the Grumman Cats.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Plane Pron”

  1. There was an article in Proceedings, back about … ’97? ’98? Something like that. Anyway, the guy advocated bringing back the Tigercat, or something similar but with modern avionics, etc., for COIN / CAS.

  2. Rusty, I would imagine replacing the radials with turboprops would be the first order of business.

    I’ve been reading about suggestions to employ the Super Tucano or a modified AT-6 Texan II, but they don’t seem to have gained traction. Still have a soft spot for the Piper Enforcer myself.:)

    …Just checked the Tigercat specs at Wiki. 460mph, 1,200 mile range, 4 M2’s & 4 20mm autocannon. Yum. Alas, was only designed to carry 2 2,000-lb bombs. Weak.

    Still, there’s the SPAD or the Bronco. The latter looks especially tasty with 8,000 lbs of ordnance available.

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