8 thoughts on “Parallel Parking is a pain…”

  1. If he can’t find 89 parking spaces in a row, he’s gonna have to go around the block again….

  2. Where does the crew of an Iowa-Class Battleship park downtown . . .?

    Wherever they WANT.

  3. OK, parallel parking is a pain, so let’s find a parking lot. How much is it going to cost us? What!! Sir, it sounds like he wants his parking lot moved. Make it so!

  4. That street looked familiar but couldn’t place it. Then I noted the hull number and realized that downtown NORVA. A spent a couple of weeks there one day.

    Actually, The Norfolk Public Library was a rather nice place. I also took a couple turns through the MacArthur Memorial and Museum while I was stationed there. I doubt I’d spend much time in downtown Norfolk during the hours I did back then.

  5. Yeah, and validating parking is a real bitch!

    Got a great photo of my Scout Troop when I was a Scoutmaster with the cutwater as the backdrop. A great museum.

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