News Article: Odierno: Army to Create Leaner, More Agile Force

The Army wants to create a leaner and more agile force over the next seven years. But sequestration, the threatened across the board spending cuts required by law would derail that plan, the service’s top uniformed leader said today.

The Army’s current budget proposal is strategy-driven, and it allows the service to apply the lessons of more than 10 years of continuous combat, Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno told a Pentagon news conference.

“We will be leaner,” Odierno said. “We’ll be a more agile Army that is an adaptive, innovative, versatile and ready component of the joint force.”

The Army will be “the best-manned, best-equipped, best-trained and best-led land force in the world, to be decisive for a broad range of missions,” the general said.

The new strategy, he said, calls for the Army to perform many different missions, from humanitarian through full-scale combined operations, as well as being more responsive.

via News Article: Odierno: Army to Create Leaner, More Agile Force.

So, just as the Army is wrapping up a decade of two wars that both showed that numbers of soldiers are critical, the Army shifts yet again to its peacetime fetish for a small agile force.

What ever happened to “No More Task Force Smiths?”

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  1. What happens when the wealthy start to lose their freedoms? Which is more important, their freedom or their wealth? Are you not in that class of the wealthy? Then, find your place, get there and start adding to this Great Nation. Let’s all pull together and not apart. I am talking to both sides of the aisle. *Freedom has never been free.* There are many ways to accomplish this goal.

  2. “Leaner force” is all relative. We are currently achieving much of the 80k force reduction through chaptering out a lot of soldiers for offenses they could have stayed in for. However, those who remain are very fit. I have to say that over the years, from my first entering service until now, soldier physique has morphed substantially from tall/thin runners with endurance, to much bulkier. I assume it is largely from the nature of PT when confined to COPs, patrol bases etc, plus the popularity of cross-fit, P90X etc.

  3. Translate from The Ministry of Truth: cut those evil warmongers to the bone,
    give them a face full of mud, then kick them in the teeth!

    I remember when, just for spite of President Bush, pelosi and her band of
    thieves were playing fast and loose with the budget. This resulted in Class
    I and Class V issues – shortages of water and ammunition – in-theater.

    As far as I am concerned, the democrats in congress took an active role
    in trying to kill me . . .

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