Baby wipes

One of my nephews who was in Afghanistan asked for baby wipes in his next care package, and I obliged, of course.  XBrad tells me that they are used in lieu of toilet paper, but I think in this case, it was lieu of a shower. They are also used in lieu of a shower on the International Space Station.  Baby wipes are attached with Velcro, sorry, hook-and-loop tape fastener, here and there on ISS for personal hygiene and quick clean-up.

More pics here and here. The latter link has the NASA drawings for the “Huggies Wipes Assembly”. I think it’s funny seeing all kinds of high-tech equipment with some Disney Princess baby wipes in the midst.

Pete Conrad in the Skylab shower

There was a real shower on Skylab, but you had to vacuum up every bit of your three quarts of water before exiting. Apparently the setup and cleanup took too much crew time, so they nixed it for the shuttle and ISS.