Military Spouse Appreciation Day

From the Army’s daily Stand-To! newsletter:

On May 11, 2012, Army leaders will express gratitude to all Army spouses and reinforce their importance in supporting Americas Soldiers. The strength of our Soldiers comes from the strength of their families. Army spouses routinely put the welfare of their Soldier, family, and nation above their own. Military Spouse Appreciation Day is part of National Military Appreciation Month, passed by Congress in 1999. This years theme is Saluting Resiliency.

I don’t  have a spouse, but while I can tell you that many times spouses were a source of irritation and annoyance for me as a leader, far more often they were a source of strength and stability for their soldier.

And let’s face it, being the spouse of a career soldier is hell. The constant moves of a soldier mean the spouse has to sacrifice their own career  goals. The separation even in peacetime is grueling. In wartime, the separations are longer, with the added bonus of knowing your soldier is standing into danger.  And it is an immutable law of the universe that as soon as  a long deployment starts, and the soldier is on his way, the washing machine will break, and the kids will get sick.

I’ve known any number of Army wives who have handled these challenges with grace, style, with and aplomb. My hat’s off to you, ladies.

(Oh, and if you want to glean a little wisdom from a career military spouse, go check out Wing Wife. Marcia runs the blog, and delivers some very useful life lessons. And her book is available via a link at her place. )

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  1. Oh, I’d better make sure to call my mother-in-law, Mrs. LTC Henderson. We are taking her to see “Into Harm’s Way” on Tuesday night at the GI Film Festival ( It’s about USMA Class of ’67. LTC Henderson wasn’t a West Pointer, but did serve two tours in Viet Nam. Being Signal Corps, he was up and down Route 1 often and passed away with Agent Orange-related liver cancer as many Viet Nam-era SC vets have. On Saturday, the 19th, they’re having a “Salute to Military Spouses Night” with some of the cast of “Army Wives” receiving an award.

  2. Even though I’m no longer married, I must say that my ex was a good Army Wife. I was on PCS orders from Bamberg, FRG. set to leave 1/3/91 and my unit deployed to points unknown in Saudi on 4/12/90. We had already begun the clearing process and She got left holding the bag, so to speak. She shipped our vehicle, shipped all of our stuff, cleared housing, all the while with a 4 and 5 year old kid strapped to her. Many time She was put to the test and always came up smiling.

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