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The CIA stopped a potential underwear bomber from boarding a flight while he was still in Yemen. According to the Associated Press, the detonation device was supposed to be more reliable than the one which toasted the nuts of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab over Detroit on Christman 2009;

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Wait a second…. did the Administration just tell us last week that the War on Terror was over?

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  1. You think Big Sis is going to let a good crisis go to waste? Once they decide that we’re willing to have our underwear removed to be tested for explosives (since we already know the body scanners won’t catch it), expect TSA to spin that program up. After all “The system* works”

    * “The system” being that other passangers will save us from bombing attempts that we continue to fail to catch. – TSA

  2. War on Terror? What are you raving about? You’re starting to sound like Stacy McCain raving about a nonexistent meeting with conservative bloggers and Mittens. And, everyone knows McCain has to be heavily medicated to function.

  3. I figure this means the TSA will become more *intrusive* in their search, regardless of their sex or age. The youngsters are just going to love the “stem to stern search” of a colonoscopy. Then regardless to sex or age, they’ll just flip you over and do the same to the front. Is that *intrusive* enough?

  4. I’m not too worried about the TSA. I think they recognize they’re riding the bleeding edge of what the public will tolerate.

    What worries me is that we know that this information came from a mole planted in Al Queda in the Arabian Peninsula. The good part about that is it puts lie to any claim our actions in Afghanistan accomplished nothing. The bad part is that all the information that mole provided us is now expired. AQAP is almost certainly engaging in a mole hunt, and if we have any other agents (and I hope we do, it would be idiotic to sacrifice our only asset in this manner) they are in increased danger. They’re also going to change any code names, protocols, and safe-houses our guy was exposed to.

    I don’t know how this information got out. To me is seems like either a leak from one of our Arab partner agencies or another example of ball-spiking on the part of the Administration. Criminal negligence or selfish ego-stroking, with this President it may be a distinction without a difference.

    1. My understanding is that AQAP was sending the bomb out, and our mole basically made the decision that this was spirally out of control, volunteered to take the bomb himself, and was allowed to do so. At that point we brought him in and are using him to locate and target the bomb maker who he had direct contact with. It sounds less like ball spiking, and more like the plot was afoot, and their only option to make CERTAIN they stopped it was to intercept.

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