Load HEAT- Kate Upton

I don’t often choose swimsuit models for Load HEAT. Most of them.. well, you can find all the pictures you want elsewhere. And I can’t remember the last time I picked up the SI swimsuit edition. But I do like Kate Upton. Sure, she’s hawt. And she’s cute. But I really like that she smiles a lot and doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously.

15 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Kate Upton”

  1. She seems nice, but not too bright. Her torso is weird, really high waist. Pic #1 is not flattering. Big jiggly boobs though. 🙂

    1. She looks like the girl -I- should have married.

      Seriously though, it’s a little disturbing to realize that I’m three whole PRESIDENCIES older than her, and she probably doesn’t have much more than vague memories even of the one she was born in.

    2. If’n you pulled that off I’d be obligated to track you down and beat the hell out of you. In a congratulatory way.

  2. So I wonder what the Carl’s Jr. people think of that picture of her eating In-n-Out …

  3. I quite liked the burgandy satin bra and panty set. I thought she looked very feminine and pretty in it.

    1. Actually, that’s my favorite. I really like that style on wimmens. Thongs just don’t really do it for me.

    2. I agree, thongs are not attractive. I once dated a woman who had been a Bunny, and she taught me a few things. She pointed out that a pair of high cut briefs make a nice sit upon look look even better, buy covering it with a contrasting color, that draws attention to just what a nice bottom the woman has. Sandy also said that they are light years more comfortable than thongs, and you can’t really look your best, if you are not comfortable. I could not disagree with the evidence she put forth.

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