Pic o’ the Day

It handles pretty well on the highway, but parallel parking in town is a real bitch.

14 thoughts on “Pic o’ the Day”

    1. Oh, no you don’t. You wanted to keep west at OK City, and I said we should take a left instead. We coulda gone through the DFW area, then San Antone and then Corpus. But you snipes keep getting disoreinted and won’t listen to us guys who LIVE in the sunlight and don’t go blind on the rare occasions you venture forth from the irradiated spaces you live in. You AIN’T blaming this on me.

    2. We ain’t disoriented. The sky-fire has obviously addled your brains. Why would we want to go to Texas? There are only two things there. I’d prefer to get one from Outback and if I feel the need for the other I’ll head over to Bangor.

      And what do you mean irradiated spaces? I’ve got half a foot of steel between me and the giant atom-smasher you call the cosmos. Compared to that flaming ball of gas y’all are enamored with my reactor is a goram pussycat.

    3. Jeff, sounds like might be you have a coat of a somewhat … brownish … shade?

      I like that.

      1. Let’s just say if I ever meet the guy responsible for Fox’s television scheduling around the turn of the century I’m going to kill him, rape him, and eat him. And if he’s very lucky I’ll do it in that order.

    4. Put ’em in a special hell. The level reserved for child molesters and people who talk at the theater.

  1. I didn’t want to go to Texas! I wanted to go THROUGH Texas. There’s water down below that, then you could go to Bangor. All those Neutrons you’ve absorbed have broken too many synapses and have you all addlepated. That big ball of fire in the sky is utterly natural and gives us Naviguessers info to get where we’re going. If you weren’t spending so much time down there living without sleep because you glow in the dark you’d know these things. Those Cosmic Rays be good for you!

    But no. You wanted to go west. I wanted the Gulf and the big ditch, or the Spanish Main (Barranquilla!).

    1. Tell you what, you figure out how to naviguess us to Australia and I’ll push this tub whichever way you say. Deal?

  2. Seriously, Jeff. Would you take a look at the CVL post and read what I said? I think you can throw something in there I can’t speak to (see glowing in the dark can be useful, from time to time).

    1. It sure it useful for finding one’s keys in the dark.

      I left a comment. My realm of expertise is at a slightly lower level than what things cost, aside from expensive. I also only have firsthand knowledge of Nimitz and Ohio class machinery spaces, and secondhand knowledge of steam boilers, gas turbines, and the Enterprise.

      Wasn’t there a pencil jockey who posted at the Lexicans a while back? Maybe he could shed some light (though he seemed an intelligent fellow, so he probably has nothing to do with nuclear design).

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