5 thoughts on “Wow! Part II”

  1. Fairly certain that’s a CGI aircraft composited into a photo. Still pretty awesome though!

  2. This is a frame from the 1988 BBC series Piece of Cake,
    based on the novel by Derek Robinson. It detailed the
    story of an RAF Spitfire Squadron from the beginning of
    hostilities, the so-called “Phoney War”, to The Battle of
    Britain. They flew Hurricanes in the novel, but there were
    not enough air-worthy fighters available for the production.

    In this scene, the braggard of Hornet Squadron dared
    one of the more timid members to fly under a French
    bridge. The timid man chickens out, but claimed it was
    “[a] piece of cake” to one of the less experienced pilots.

    The third man then goes and gets himself killed.

    This was made when film makers had to do things the
    old-fashioned way. Real aircraft in flight, not fake looking
    computer models and unrealistic framing of shots and
    airplane characteristics . . . this means YOU, george
    lucas . . . Mustangs, Fortresses and Messerschmitts do
    not fly like that.

    Watched this series as a boy, when I wanted badly to be
    a Viper Driver . . . but alas, could not muster the grades
    for Colorado Springs.

    Became Parachute Infantry instead.

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