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    1. That’s a C-5 swallowing a stripped down C-130. I’m guessing the -130 was damaged in theater, and being returned to the US for repairs.

    2. Eh, one cargo plane is as good as another for all I know. Put some ordinance on it, and I might have an easier time with ident.

  1. Thank you for this post. I am having a very stressfull 2012, and might wind up homeless soon, but the photo, combined with the NOM, NOM, NOM comment made me laugh like a loon. You releaved some stress from my night.

    1. C’mon, Scott, heads up! Wolverines might surrender, but never a badger.

      I hear you on the stress bit; I was out of work for 2 months at the end of 2010, and by the time I found a job my water was off and I was behind 3 months on the rent. I’m lucky I have a patient landlady.

    2. Casey.I may go down, but I will go down fighting. Last year, my Ranger threw a bearing, and became an engineless truck. The truck repair places around here will not fix something like that, they replace. I did not have the $5000 that it would cost to buy and install a rebuilt V-6 for the truck, so I wound up buying a 1994 LeBaron. ( I was told by the previous owners sister that the car was female, her name was Natalia ). Well, Natalia started having problems of her own in January, right after my part time LE job was reduced to around 1 shift a month, as the county has been hit by the economy, too. So i am trying to get by working full time as a night auditor at a resort, at $10.00/hr. Among the car’s problems were the replacement of all 4 tires at $130.00.

      I once had a trucking compant of my own, which went under, as most new businesses do, so I have a appalling credit rating. As a result, I cannot get loans. So, as to keep Natila on the road, so I could continue to work, I make real bad mistake, I went to a payday lender, and got $1200. I am being eaten alive by the interest on that, as I should have guessed. So I am 4 months behind on rent, at $530 a month, and I still have the 1200 to deal with. So, I live a vexing life at the moment. My brother and sisters are all married to people who do not believe in co-signing, so I can’t turn to family, so all I can do is ride out the storm, and hope for the best.

      But I have found something out. I work two days a week as a volunteer for an orginization called Gratefull Hearts, we take people who are impoverished, have lost everything to fires, or foreclosures, or from having to flee abusive domestic situations, and see to it that they have clothing, personal hygiene materials, bedding, small appliances, etc. I helped a family last week, who had been burned out in a house fire. The Mom was still in such shock, that it was like dealing with a zombie. No matter how bad my situation is, it is nothing compared to what some people are having to deal with.

    3. Don’t give up, Badger. I spent most of the past two years either unemployed or drastically underemployed. Lost my job about 3 weeks after closing on a house.

      Things are looking up now, finally. Just keep fighting, and don’t give up.

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