5 thoughts on “Five Years”

  1. A sense of humor AND he loved dogs. You are a lucky man to have been raised by him.

  2. It sure is a purty plane, but a leetle bit more of you earlier history is off the mark, besides the “fleet CAP” miscue.

    Unless it’s imprecise language again, the Bearcat was not in any way inspired by, or ordered for defense against kamikazes. The F8F designed was based on suggestions derived from flight tests of a captured FW-190 with the direct intent to outperform the A6M Zero.

    Prototypes were ordered Nov 1943, with first flight Aug 1944. Planned kamikaze attacks -as opposed to spur of the moment attacks- did not occur until the Leyte invasion during Oct 1944. So unless Doc Brown fired up the DeLorean, the cited motivation did not exist. 🙂

    It is true that the Bear turned out to be part of an excellent solution, given it’s incredible climb rate and maneuverability. So you got that going for you… 🙂

    Miss my dad too; he was a ground-pounder in Europe back then.

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