Pic o’ the Day

U.S. Marine Corps Gen. John R. Allen, commander of U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan, goes on a patrol with soldiers to Zarin village in the Andar district of Afghanistan’s Ghazni province, April 23, 2012. The soldiers are assigned to Company A, 3rd Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment, 172nd Infantry Brigade. U.S. Army Photo by Master Sgt. Kap Kim

Interesting. This Ain’t Hell coauthor TSO is currently embedded with A-3/66AR. It looks like this pic was taken just a couple days before he embedded with them. Too bad, TSO. You missed a chance to snag a pretty nice challenge coin!

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  1. Such an interesting dichotomy in that scene, if you take the troops out of it. You’ve got middle / late Bronze-age dwellings … with electricity running to them. It’s sort of neat, actually.

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