USA: Fixed-Wing Transport Contracts for the Central Asian Front

Presidential Airways, Inc. of Moyock, NC (now AAR Airlift) uses EADS-CASA 212 and Dash-8 transport aircraft for its work, which is short-haul supply flights in and out of remote locations – including combat zones. It also fields helicopters and other assets. The US military hoped that Presidential would be able to address some of the issues US combat commanders have raised re: the need for transport aircraft that can use smaller runways, and land closer to zones of operations. Accordingly, the firm received several contracts from the US government for these services, covering a number of Central Asian countries.

via USA: Fixed-Wing Transport Contracts for the Central Asian Front.

Gee… maybe if the Air Force didn’t spend money contracting for short haul airlift support in Afghanistan, they might be able to afford the C-27J.

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  1. Man, that C-27J thing just won’t go away…maybe there should be a re-consideration? Could you get closer in a DHC-6 as opposed to a Caravan? Both A/C are good in my opinion. Regards

  2. The Army needs the C-27 and should be screaming bloody murder. BillT says he’s gotta rant coming on the C-27J. When he’s ready it’ll go up over at the Castle. I’m certain it will be good reading if it’s up to his normal standards.

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