3 thoughts on “Michelle Obama’s White House fantasy”

  1. Have we ever had two people who complained MORE about being in DC and the White House? When he travels on “official visits” he remarks about how great it is to be outside of DC. They’ve taken 17 vacations. I know it must just be TERRIBLE to have to live in the White House. If only they could have all privileged and access to the taxpayer’s dime w/o having to do the job.

  2. To be (at least a little) fair, I will say, I’ve always maintained that being President has got to be a pretty s****y job. I wouldn’t want it, and the only kind of people who seem to want it probably shouldn’t have it. Which would include the TOTUS. Let’s be honest, he’s never actually had a difficult job before in his life. One where people actually expected him to produce. The President can’t just vote “present”.

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