News Article: Army Announces Plans to Reactivate 7th Infantry Division

JOINT BASE LEWIS-McCHORD, Wash., April 26, 2012 – The secretary of the Army announced plans today to reactivate the 7th Infantry Division and stand up its headquarters here.

The two-star headquarters, which will oversee the training and readiness of five of the installation’s 10 brigades, will fill an administrative layer between those units and I Corps. The division headquarters will not be deployable, John McHugh said during a press conference on the installation.

“The I Corps headquarters has been very, very busy … It’s only reasonable, it seems to me, to provide that layer of close-on command support just as we have at virtually every other similar-sized base,” McHugh said.

via News Article: Army Announces Plans to Reactivate 7th Infantry Division.

Interesting. A non-deployable division headquarters.  So, will the subordinate BCTs wear 7ID patches, or retain their current patches?

3 thoughts on “ News Article: Army Announces Plans to Reactivate 7th Infantry Division”

  1. Sounds like an attempt to create yet more Flag billets in a system already over supplied with Generals.

  2. This sounds like an excuse to keep some people with stats employed at the expense of so etching else. Is an administrative hq reallly necessary?

    1. Yeah, I do think there needs to be some “adult supervision” between the Corps and 10 brigades. There’s a very finite span of control for a headquarters. Further, the Corps HQ has its own set of priorities, and may well not be able to properly pay attention to the training needs of the subordinate brigades.

      Of course, maybe the real answer would have been to more closely tie the BCT concept to a divisional structure. Maybe one of my doctrinal bubbas will show up and shed light.

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