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You might be wondering how I ended up here, when I am not a veteran. Well, for one, XBrad asked me to, and I thought it would be fun writing for the blog (it is!). Second, XBrad intended this blog to educate people like me, a civilian interested in the military but distrusting of the mainstream media to get the story right. Third, while I have not served, there are quite a few in my family that have.

Here are four of them.

I was helping my dad with moving and packing this weekend, and he let me have this. They are my mother’s brothers, and they all served in the Army. Their father served in WW1, and I’m hoping his photo is in one of the many other boxes I brought home.

The one on the left is forever young at age 20. He served in the 115th Infantry Regiment, 29th Division, and is buried in the Brittany American Cemetery in France.

The next also served in WW2, though he has never said much about it. He was in the 87th Infantry Division, which I have to look up every time. I can remember that he served in the “Golden Acorn”, but I can never remember the number. He is the only uncle still living.

The next was part of the occupation force in Japan after the war. He did not re-enlist and so he came home before the Korean War started.

The one on the right did serve in Korea, as a quartermaster. My son takes his middle name from him. I always thought he was such a gentle soul, until he told the tale of getting into a barfight with some Marines.

Thanks for letting me share a bit of my family history with you. Can you tell how proud I am of my uncles?

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