That’s actually a picture that I snapped and cropped from the 1974 Blue Angels publicity poster (it’s my sister’s personalized, autographed poster).

The Hornet may have more thrust to play with, but has there ever been better looking airshow bird than the Skyhawk?

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  1. Please admit a blue suiter’s opinion. Ya said ‘airshow bird’, so that’d include the F-16, which I think is the prettiest. The F-100 was handsome. But the best was the F-4. Because of the noise. That howling, thundering, earthquaking ROAR! added guts to the shows, for both the Angels and the ‘Birds.

    1. I’m as big a Phan of the F-4 as you’re likely to find, but it just didn’t seem as nimble at an airshow. The -16 could be a great lookin’ bird, but I just don’t like the T’birds paint job. It’s purely subjective, of course. I just don’t like it compared to the Blue Angels simple Blue/Gold scheme.

  2. I saw the Blues in the Skyhawk twice, still beats the F-18 shows by a mile. The roll rate was phenominal. Also for those who never saw the Blues perform in the A-4 check out the Van Halen video “Dreams”.

  3. The Angels came to Italy and performed over the bay of Naples while I was on Courtney. They were still flying the F-4J at the time, and I had the duty inside and missed it. I later saw them at Smyrna, TN (Old Sewart AFB) in A-4s. They used to alternates years with the ‘birds at Tennessee Aviation days. So I saw both several times.

    I’ve seen the ‘birds in F-100s, T-38s, and F-16s. I thought the 16 version was the equal of the Angels A-4 show. As for teh paint job, whadya spect ?of the Air Farce?

  4. Even though they are my favorite a/c, I agree that Phantoms aren’t the best looking for airshows. Though they put on a great show, they aren’t as agile as the others. I do like the t-bird livery, but the USN puts on twice the show, and look better too. All in all since I haven’t seen either one for years, I would be happy to see either show.

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