13 thoughts on “War News Updates: Marine Corps ‘Blasted’ For Reviving ‘Crusaders’ Name And Symbols”

  1. If you go over to the article about the mess you find a LTCDR is the commander of a Marine squadron. Last I looked a LTC would be the commander of a Marine squadron. That may be an honest mistake of ignorance. It’s hard to say.

    The gut who heads the group fighting for separation of church and state is also an idiot. The church is made of people who have rights of citizenship. The only way to separate church and state is to deny those people their rights as citizens. I have no doubt that the idiots of the left would be all for that, but it is fortunate that such is illegal. For now.

    1. Actually, the USMC abbreviates their rank of LTC as LtCol. Stylistically, journalists / media will also abbreviate the army version the same way. Used to kill me that my staff PAO would not ever make the correction when I reviewed his work.

      1. The reply I always heard was they were just following the AP style guide, which, fair enough. IIRC, first use of a rank would be to spell it out, and then use the AP approved abbreviation.

  2. You know, I was concerned about this. For about half a millisecond. Especially when I saw that it was Mikey Weinstein and the so-called “Military Religious Freedom Foundation”. Really, are they worried that we’ll make the people who hate us, hate us more? Don’t think that’s possible. And separation of church and state, the libs have gone way too far oveboard with this. The first amendment states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” Intent was to prohibit a State Religion as in England. Seems like idiot-Mikey is trying to prohibit the Marines’ free exercising of their religion!

  3. It’s good to see that Mikey Weinstein has no bigger problems in his life than religion in the military. Maybe he should take up a hobby. May I suggest stun-gun tester?

  4. That squadron has been around since at least Vietnam. We also had a jet called the Crusader, the F-8. Cry me a f’n river.

    1. Is that the Crusader-flying Meechum from the book, or the Phantom-driving variant from the movie? Speaking of which, I actually got my daughters to watch that movie recently and despite their best efforts, they enjoyed it.

    2. I’d just like to note that Pat Conroy got his honorary PhD on the same day, and on the same stage, that I got my diploma. I blame that bastard for me going to The Citadel, actually: chick I wanted to nail thought she was going to get me to not go there if I read Lords of Discipline. Turns out that not only did I read it cover to cover – twice – within 24 hours – but it just hardened my resolve to go there.

  5. Stun-gun tester? How about pop up target. F-8…for a while the only “guns” equipped A/C during that certain time when the emphasis was going with missiles. Regards

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