Another space pic of the day

Same as yesterday, but zoomed in. Pretty easy to tell which one is the hangar queen and which one is just like it came home from space. That carbon-carbon nose cap has seen 39 re-entries. And yeah, I find myself looking for space debris impacts…

6 thoughts on “Another space pic of the day”

    1. Yes.

      I don’t know whether it was done because it’s cooler that way, or because they didn’t want to spend the money on making her shiny … but I am 100% in favor of it, either way. I just hope it was done for the right reason.

  1. This article does a good job describing how NASA and the Smithsonian are preserving Discovery –

    “Discovery is the vehicle of record, so we did everything we could to keep it as intact as possible. That was a big desire of the Smithsonian so that a hundred years from now if an engineer that wants to crawl around and see what it took to fly in space they can do that,” said Stephanie Stilson, the NASA official responsible for overseeing the shuttles’ retirements and moves to museums.

    “We’ve minimized the things we took out. There’s some things that had to come out — certain communications boxes for security reasons, certain lines we could not flush enough to make safe. So the Orbital Maneuvering System pods in the back those are basically gutted, forward reaction control system basically gutted.”


    “This is the only reusable spacecraft that has flown 135 missions. Some of the hardware has never been looked at, we’ve never had to take it off, it’s never needed to be examined. So we would to compare, take that stuff apart to see how it really faired over years of flight,” said Templin.

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