10 thoughts on “Spitfires buried in Burma during war to be returned to UK – Telegraph”

  1. …and so your favorite aircraft?? Assuming we are talking WWII aircraft and also why.

    1. P-51 Mustang, because of the laminar flow design, because contract signing to first flight was 149 days, and, once they put the Merlin engine in it, it made a difference in Europe. I have a model hanging in my office that a friend brought back from the USAF Museum in Dayton.

    2. I’m partial to the F4U.
      1. Excellent fighter.
      2. Great fighter/bomber.
      3. Looong production run, all the way into the 50s.
      4. Dad flew it.

      Though I’ll give a nod to the aesthetically inclined that the Mustang was “pretty.”
      And the F6F was a rather remarkable production feat. Lots and lots built in a very, very short time.

  2. Eric Brown’s favorites were the SeaFire and the F6F Hellcat. He described the pair as the SeaFire being a ballerina with a switchblade, and the Hellcat being a heavywieght boxer armed with an ax. My Uncle Darrell flew Hallcats during the war, so I am biased, but I think Captain Brown has good taste.

  3. I like the Spitfire it is also in my top 10. My #1 would be the F4U Corsair. My favorite of all time would be a Skyraider.

  4. A Skyraider shot down a MiG-19 during Viet-Nam. First air to air kill in Korea was done by a P-82 Twin Mustang. A nod to all responding….all good/great aircraft. F4U also top shelf along with the P-51 “D” model in particular and also the “Jug” P-47 also “D” model…..I’m a freak for clear canopies for better all around vision. Regards

  5. I am partial to the FM-2…the product improved Wildcat which flew off the CVEs. That is what my uncle flew.

    Reference the Spitfire….one of my coolest memories was June 4, 1984. I was in Normandy with my Infantry battalion for the 40th Anniversary D Day cermonies. We had just finished rehearsing for the parade in Carentan and waiting on the buses when an thunderous roar approached. we were overflown by the Battle of Britain Flight of the RAF….4 Spits and 4 Hurricans. Awesome. These were followed up a minute later by 2 Lancasters…..all at about 500 feet.

    1. I do Love a righteous “buzz” job by aircraft!!! Thanks for the correction on the MiG-19/17 flub on my part. My mistake and for me a big one especially since the MiG-15/17 had more resemblance to each other than the MiG-17/19.

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