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Well, the Army wants to replace its 117-strong fleet of C-12 Huron twin turboprop planes that it uses for everything from ISR to light cargo hauling.

Wait a second, you say; didn’t the Army just pass a big effort to buy a fleet of twin turboprop transport planes to the Air Force only to see the boys in blue abandon that program? Yes indeed. But that program was aimed at replacing the Army’s C-23 Sherpa mid-sized airlifter with the C-27J Joint Cargo Aircraft, you know, the tactical hauler the Army wanted to use to provide on-deman resupply to remote bases in Afghanistan.

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Better than the article is the first comment:

So is this going to be a repeat of the JCA and light attack aircraft fiascos?
Will the Air Force see this as an opportunity to take more fixed wing from the Army?

Let’s see if the AF proposes the C-12 replacement be a “joint” program.
They’ll up the requirements to add cost and choose a foreign supplier to make Congress hate it then the AF will “agree” to cancel it and brag how they are contributing to reducing the DOD budget (and so deserves billions to spend on a new bomber and an F22 replacement).

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  1. Air Force will leave this one alone…..air frame too small and not sexy, nor armed. This class of “liason” aircraft doesn’t come up on the scope for the USAF. Not exactly a victory for the Army in my opinion. Regards

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