Busy Little Beaver

Sorry for the light posting. Been busy as a Little Beaver.

Of course, if you want to do a little research on your own, take a gander at the internet for “Arliegh Burke” and “Little Beavers.”   Then CAPT Burke was the commander of a destroyer squadron in the Pacific that established an enviable record against the Japanese. 

At that stage of the war, a squadron of destroyers was a tactical formation, consisting of multiple 4-ship divisions of destroyers. Today, while destroyers are still assigned to squadrons, those squadrons are administrative organizations, responsible for training ships and crews before providing them for deployment to tactical forces.

With a little bit of luck, posting should be back to a more normal schedule soon.

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  1. Actually you’re not entirely correct. While the DESRON is primarily an administrative organization, they really are responsible more for annoying crews with stupid requests for paperwork and crew levies, more than training them.

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