Pirates Vs. Armed Security

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This is why you don’t bring a skiff to a tanker fight.

H/T LT Rusty

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  1. I missed it — did the skiffs back off or did the guards go beyond warning shots?

    1. I think by “warning shots” he meant “shoot that guy in the face.”

      They engaged two separate skiffs attempting a boarding. It’s unclear how many casualties they inflicted, but with that much lead at that short range, I’d expect they tapped one or two.

  2. BTW, I noticed the CBDR. Maybe LT Rusty can give us a nice primer on MoBoards. I kinda wanna write one myself before tackling NTDS, but I’m really, really bad at them.

    1. Oh hell, I’ll need a refresher on moboards myself. It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve done one. But yeah, I can come up with something.

      In this case, though, looks like they were too close for moboards. Looks like they just eyeballed it in.

  3. Pallets as cover for the bridge wings, I think I would encourage the pirates to keep their distance. Might also want to pick up some plate and sand bags at the next port of call. A pallet standing on end is some mighty flimsy cover.

    1. Yeah, not really sure what the deal was with the pallets. Saw sandbagged positions elsewhere. I’m not putting my faith in a pallet.

    2. I think it’s concealment more than cover – there is one section covered with sandbags. What would you call that in Infantry-land, Brad? Bastion? Something like that?

      Meh. Anyway, it’s pretty much a moot point though – have you ever tried to accurately employ small arms off a platform that’s rocking and rolling as much as a small craft like that on the open ocean?

    3. The sandbags at “the bastion” as you call it, would provide “cover,” that is, protection from small arms fire. The pallets may or may not provide “concealment” from the bad guys. I won’t presume to say why the had some positions sandbagged, and some not, other than to say that hauling sandbags around is a far, FAR greater pain in the ass than most folks would think. Did you see how far above the waterline they were? Those sandbags got hauled up there by hand. And most likely, only one or two sets of hands. That’s a lot of round trips.

      I’m a little surprised they waited so long to open fire. But once they did, they seemed to do so in a controlled and disciplined manner. And having a guy go look aft to find the other skiff is indicative of not being target fixated. Good training. Over all, solid B+.

  4. Were the pallets used as RPG catchers like the fence on many Ground vehicles to detonate the war heads before they hit the bridge?

    1. I hope not. I can’t really imagine a pallet stopping/detonating an RPG.

      If I really had to guess, I’d say they were shoring for future installation of more sandbags.

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