Prayers answered

My nephew’s boots hit Hawaiian soil just a few hours ago, so finally FINALLY his tour in Afghanistan is over. I am more proud of that young man than words can say, well, I’m proud of all of these young folks, but I’ll admit to being biased.

Being a civilian, I’m sure I have no clue what deployment is like. This was my nephew’s fourth deployment in the ten years he’s been in the Army (the other three were in Iraq). His station was hit back in January, but all he would tell us was that he and everyone else in his group were okay. I’m sure there’s a lot he can’t or won’t tell us, so I just tell him I love him.

His wife has been great – posting pictures of their daughter often, passing news back and forth during Skype sessions, putting up words of encouragement on his Facebook page. Even her cellphone message! “Hi, this is [wife’s name], leave a message after the beep. If this is [nephew’s name], I’m sorry I missed you, and I love you, baby!”

I’ll wrap up my sappy post here with a story he just shared about flying out through Bagram. He was annoyed that he got the same combat pay as an Air Force “chick” who pitched a fit that there was no liquid creamer in the coffee shop. He looked around at the Pizza Hut and the Subway and said he’d like to give the cow a rifle and a box of MREs and drop her in a foxhole on a mountain side overlooking the Pakistan border for a few weeks. Maybe then she would be more thankful.

I know I’m very thankful he’s home safe. I got 99 problems, but creamer ain’t one. (h/t to XBrad for that one)

2 thoughts on “Prayers answered”

  1. Oh, PTL, Roamy!! Glad to know he is safe and coming home to his family.

    I will STFU about the AF chick, though. Trying to be positive here 😉

  2. There was a brouhaha about the change to combat pay a while back that had uninformed people talking about how Obama hated the troops. In fact, what it meant was that combat pay was pro-rated.

    That is, prior to the change, the AF chick would have received combat pay for the entire month even if her entire time in theater consisted of that one flight to pick up troops. Instead, now, she’ll only receive that one day worth of combat pay. Seems fair to me.

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