12 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Jennifer Lawrence”

    1. You are correct, Aggie. In my opinion, only Load HEAT that comes close is LeeLee Sobieski.

      I saw Hunger Games this weekend. Brilliant stuff. One of the rare movies that really doesn’t lose much in translation from the book.

    2. Jennifer’s a little younger than I usually like to post. But it seemed topical this week.

      LT Rusty, I’m always open to suggestions.

      And yes, the suggestion of “Aggie” has already been made.

    3. hah

      I’ve nominated Aggie once or twice myself, come to think of it. 🙂

      Aside from that, I’m still finding a regrettable lack of Jewel Staite in your archives. Or, since Game of Thrones just started up again, Natalia Tena or Carice Van Houten. (Since you’ve already featured Lena Headey) Or even – continuing with the Hunger Games theme – Elizabeth Banks.

      Re: LS’s new show … I’ll have to check out a couple episodes, see how it is.

      1. I could have sworn Jewel made an appearance here. But I just went through 3,037 posts and didn’t see her. Then again, I didn’t see Alyson Hannigan and I KNOW she’s in there. But repeats aren’t unheard of here. I’ve never heard of most of the others, but I’ll take a look. Well, Elizabeth Banks… I’ve been meaning to get around to that one.

  1. Oh, and since Mad Men has also just started up again, Jessica Pare might be a good choice, although she’s a little skin-and-bones.

  2. And she’s from Louisville, Kentucky no less.

    Southern gals FTW!

    … especially ones that are my age, and therefore actually attainable…

  3. She has the arrow on the wrong side of the bow for a Southpaw. That is a cute outfit in the last photo, I didn’t know that they still made playsuits in women’s sizes. They were quite popular in ’40’s pinups.

    I vote for Aggie, too. But it’s better to keep her the mystery woman. I suspect that she is la belle dame sans merci, so that is as far as I’ll go.

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